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WASHINGTON, DC - APR 4: UberX driver, Michael Belet, checks th

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According to TechCrunch, Uber is currently testing out multiple versions of a monthly subscription service that would give riders a 5% discount on every ride while providing free Uber Eats and JUMP rides. The testing phase is taking place in San Francisco and Chicago, and Uber is currently charging $24.99 per month for the service.

Something similar is being tested in other big cities like Chicago and Boston. They’re offering passes that come with a larger fee attached and offer discounts and incentives like JUMP, which provides service to bikes and scooters.

The original version of Rider Pass doesn’t offer free Uber Eats delivery, and allows its customers to use JUMP rides for free for 30 minutes a day.

This new program will make an attempt to offer one all-inclusive package for people who depend on the startup for their daily transportation needs.

In a day and age where consumers become overwhelmed by all they have going on, it’s smart, and almost pivotal, for companies to offer streamlined process where people can access everything they need with one simple touch or click of a button.

This new streamlined process will also directly compete with rival Lyft, who recently rolled out an “All-Access” program that grants riders access to their dock-less bicycles in San Francisco.

The bikes were just released last Friday from Lyft, and were originally agreed upon to be exclusively for Lyft. However, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has decided to extend JUMP’s dock-less permit in an effort to expand the bike sharing options available to the city’s residents.