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Meek Mill and Jay-Z are teaming up once again.

Earlier in the week we reported that Hov and Meek were teaming up to work on a docuseries chronicling criminal justice reform, and how Meek has been treated by the system.

Now the two are partnering to bring Meek Mill’s label, Dream Chasers, under the Roc Nation umbrella. On Tuesday Meek and Hov made it official at the Roc Nation Headquarters.

Meek, as the president of Dreamchasers, will be responsible for all the happenings of the label, including staff that will find and up and coming artists. Meek will also be responsible for getting the label to a point where it can handle all of its own daily operations, ranging from creative strategy to marketing, to developing talent.

Despite his label being under Roc Nation now, Meek will continue to release music through Maybach/Atlanta records, and he has even hinted at releasing new content before his tour with Future starts in August.

While Dreamchasers does not have any artists yet, Meek says that Hov has been forwarding him music, and that Hov has a special eye for musical talent. According to Variety, Meek has a preference to sign guys with some staying power as opposed to guys who are just doing well via social media craze, or a viral video.

This is just the latest in a hot streak for Meek, the Philadelphia born rapper has been having better luck with his legal encounters as of late, he recently went to court to have his 2008 gun conviction over turned. They’re waiting for a ruling from the courts.

Meek has also experienced success with his albums, he has three albums that have gone platinum, and two debuted at No. 1 on Billboard Top 200 Albums.

Jay-Z was very complimentary of Meek, and his efforts. “He just came out of a situation and pulled people together. He turned a negative thing into something positive,” said the Roc Nation Founder.

He continued to say, “I know he can make music, you’ve heard it. I think he cannot only make music, but make stars. Not only make stars but make films. What we lacked for so long was opportunity. We didn’t own our businesses.  We’ve never been in this position before, never had this sort of power. Hip-hop is 40-something years old so we’ve just now gotten to the point where we can really affect change. The music and culture we created, we’ve given it away for so long. It’s understandable. You have to clean the floors before you own the building.”