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Meek Mill‘s 2008 gun conviction has been overturned by a Pennsylvania appeals court.

The three-judge court reached a unanimous decision to dismiss the 2008 conviction for Meek and his gun and drug charges.

The Philadelphia Court’s have also overturned his 2017 parole violation that landed him in prison for five months. It is very possible that prosecutors decided to drop this case entirely. The arresting officer, Reginald Graham, has since been placed on a no-call list, meaning he is no longer allowed to give his testimony due to credibility concerns.

“I’d like to thank the Pennsylvania Superior Court for overturning my conviction and granting me a new trial. The past 11 years have been mentally and emotionally challenging, but I’m glad that justice prevailed and my clean record has been restored,” Meek said in a statement through his REFORM platform.

“We conclude the after-discovered evidence is of such a strong nature and character that a different verdict will likely result at a retrial,” the opinion said.

Prosecutors have also stated that they will not call Graham as a witness, and as the only witness in the conviction from 2008, that would mean prosecutors would have to find a new witness, 11 years later, something that is not very likely to happen.

Meek’s been having a pretty exciting day– not only has he been granted a new trial so he’s no longer on probation, he also announced his label Dreamchasers under Roc Nation in collaboration with Jay-Z.

Meek’s hot streak continues!