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Dwight Gooden — or Doc, as he is was nicknamed during his playing days with the New York Mets — has been arrested two times in the last six weeks.

Gooden was arrested Monday for driving under the influence after he reportedly drove down the wrong way down a one-way street in New Jersey. Gooden, who has been sober for most of the past decade, appears to be in a dangerous tailspin.

Gooden fought drug addiction as a pitcher for the New York Mets. He is a four-time All-Star and won three World Series, and admits that “it’s a struggle—a hard struggle—but you have to just jump back in.”

One of the positives of this situation is that Dwight is seeking the help he needs before something tragic happens. His ex-wife, Monique, told the New York Post following his arrest he admitted he was tired of fighting those demons, and that he would get help. She says this is the first time he has openly admitted the need for help.

“He actually told me that he’s tired and needs help,” she said. “He’s never said that. People who are in recovery or use drugs, they tend to be in denial. He actually said ‘Monique, I’m tired.’”

It’s hard on the outside looking in to pinpoint what could have caused Dwight to spiral down this dark path, but his ex-wife says she will be here for him no matter what.

“We got divorced because of this issue, absolutely no other reason because when we got divorced, I still loved him.”