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Some fans will take their fandom to a level only the most loyal are willing to go.

Insert Joel Schock (@tilejsink on Instagram).

This Steelers super fan got the famous tri-colored diamonds tattooed on his head. After the tattoo, Steeler wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster saw it and signed it, and he apparently promised the dude season tickets if he also got the signature permanently inked into his head. JuJu, being the good sport he is, followed through on that promise.

JuJu took time on Friday to explain to the media exactly how the whole exchange went down.

“He had the Steelers logo tattooed on his head, so he had a mohawk, and he was like, ‘Can you sign my helmet?’ I was like, ‘What helmet?’ I signed his head.”

Smith-Schuster continued to say, “If he gets that tattoo on his head, I’ll give him any tickets to any game.”

It seems like this fan’s devout loyalty to the football team in the steel city netted him a nice return.

The Steelers, like most teams, have a current waiting list for people desiring to become season ticket holders for actual retail price. This means that those who don’t have season tickets and wish to attend games will more often than not be relegated to the black market, which can see premiums up to 100% of the original price.

With that being said, for the eight regular season home games for the Steelers this year, this fan got a value likely close to $1,000 in season tickets.

When you consider you can grow some hair to cover up the tattoo if need be, if you could bear the pain of a head tattoo, maybe you could be the next lucky fan to land season tickets via your team’s star wideout!