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It appears the NFL is picking up where it left off last year regarding Eric Reid and “random” drug tests.

On Instagram, the Carolina Panthers safety shared that Reid has already been tested twice in the two weeks the Panthers have been in camp, and three times since the league year started in March.

ICYMI, last year Reid was signed by the Carolina Panthers in week five. In November, Reid told the media he has been drug tested six times between September and November. One was for his physical to be cleared to play in the league, but five of them were “random.”

Following Reid’s claim, they looked into the situation and made a statement claiming that Reid’s tests were generated by a computer, and refuted claims that they are targeting Reid. Reid is now asking his fans and followers to keep count with him how many times he will be “randomly” drug tested this year.

Reid was one of the first players to kneel alongside Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem as a means of protesting racial inequality — and the drug testing could be linked.

Some of Reid’s teammates and coaches have also spoken up about the amount of times he has been randomly selected. Head Coach Ron Rivera said, “If my name came up that many times I would buy a lottery ticket.”

Wide Receiver Torrey Smith said, “It’s very excessive.”

The NFL has not commented on the most recent situation regarding Reid and the amount of times he has been tested.