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The Los Angeles Conservation Corps has announced that they are partnering with Russell Westbrook and entrepreneur Chad Brownstein to form the Westbrook Brownstein Green Tech Program. The announcement was made on August 20th.

The purpose of WBGT is to teach digital skills to young, at-risk adults in the field within the Los Angeles area. The program plans to train the young teens to incorporate skills such as coding, piloting drones, computer engineering, computer science, and information technology, among many other tech skills. A full lab with all necessary equipment to teach these skills will be fully funded by the program.

“It means a lot to me to partner with Chad and the L.A. Conservation Corps on this new project,” said Westbrook. “As a kid who grew up here in LA, I know how important it is to feel supported and empowered by the community. By helping to provide these resources my hope is that the youth will be able to see how bright their future can be and expand the vision of what they think they’re capable of.”

Along with helping create the program that will oversee the implementation, Russell Westbrook and Chad Brownstein will make personal donations to the cause.

The former Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, who was traded to the Houston Rockets this off season, said there were few programs growing up that were aimed at sustained education or getting a foothold into the working world. That void fueled his desire to help.

“That was my motivation, honestly,” he said. “I didn’t look for anybody to help or hand out but I definitely thought it was important that people that had the ‘power,’ the ability to be able to help, did that. It was motivation for me to be able to get to a level, to a point, where I can give back to some of the same kids that are in the same situation that I was in.”