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Jermaine Dupri broke his silence on the allegations that Jay-Z contacted him and told him not to work with the NFL during the 2019 Super Bowl, which took place in Dupri’s hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Dupri spoke with Big Tigger on Atlanta V-103 and refuted claims that Jay-Z called him to convince him not to work with the NFL.

“He and I never had a conversation where he told me, ‘don’t do what you’re doing.’ What our conversation was, was ‘you know what side I’m on, I understand what you’re doing.’ That’s what the conversation was.”

Bryan Michael Cox previously said that Jay called Dupri to try to prevent him from partnering with the NFL.

Funkmaster Flex also said that Jay-Z hit Dupri up, and even went as far as to say he spoke with Dupri about the situaiton, and Dupri confirmed that Jay-Z asked “How deep are you in with the NFL… That might not be a good idea”

Dupri partnered with the NFL for a series of shows which were held in Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

Aside from Jermaine Dupri, a lot of people in the industry have offered their opinion on Jay-Z and his deal. Including Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash.

“I mean, everybody knows Jay ain’t shit,” he told  No Jumper on Tuesday. “Everyone knows that…Listen, if you ask anyone in the industry, it’s a common knowledge that Jay ain’t shit.”’

When Dame was asked to explain what he meant when he said Jay-Z ain’t sh*t, he said 

“He’s about the bag, we all know that. He’s self-preserving. Period. It’s just that the people he does it to don’t have Beyoncé next to them. They don’t have that kind of power, but this dude here, everyone’s looking.”