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Eric Reid Thinks Colin Kaepernick Should Get A Call From The Panthers

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Carolina Panthers franchise quarterback Cam Newton suffered a foot injury during Thursday night’s preseason action against the New England Patriots. If they indeed lost Newton for a significant amount of time, Panthers safety Eric Reid knows who exactly his team should call to fill in. Reid suggested that his former 49ers teammate and brother in protest Colin Kaepernick could “come in and help us” if Cam is hurt and he emphasized IF.

The injury seemed to take place after Newton was sacked while trying to evade defenders. He limped off the field, and trainers immediately checked his foot. He was spotted leaving in a walking boot after the game. Now that is definitely a scary sight to see a player sporting a walking boot, but some teams do use them just to play it safe. Panthers head coach, Ron Rivera at the time said he had no details as far as to the extent of the injury. Rap Sheet reports it as just a strain.

If the Panthers do decide to bring Kaepernick, it will make plenty of headlines. While some owners scoff to the idea of bringing Kap on their teams for the kneeling situation, Panthers new owner David Tepper would probably take the chance. He did sign Eric Reid so the idea of Kaepernick being a distraction wouldn’t be a factor. Plus, Kap could fit perfectly with the team’s offensive scheme. He almost has a similar playing style to Newton who makes plays using his legs as well his arm.

Even if the stint with the Panthers is on a limited basis, this could open the door for Kaepernick. The QB has been itching to get back on an NFL field to play the game he loves. Even though he has not played in a couple of years, and had some shaky seasons during his time with the 49ers, Kap has stayed ready. He posted workout videos on his Instagram account ahead of the 2018-19 NFL season.

With plenty of question marks around Cam Newton’s help, Kaepernick is definitely worthy of a look. Panthers rookie QB Will Grier hasn’t looked that promising either. The 31-year-old could help keep Carolina stay in contention until Newton is healthy if his injury is severe enough to keep him off the field.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty