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They say you only get one chance at a first impression. But there are those rare occurrences when the first impression is so good that it can actually be remixed. In the music industry, where image is everything, artists often see their debut as their one, critical shot at longevity. For Dej Loaf, however, the introduction to who she is as an artist, rapper—and as a woman—is something that can happen in stages and be deliberately built upon, especially when done right.

And for the young Detroit native, nothing is done unless it’s done right.

Deja Trimble burst into the mainstream back in 2014 with her smash single “Try Me,” breaking into the Billboard Top 100 and going certified Gold. But Dej’s journey started way before her rise to the forefront of music culture, cutting her teeth for years in Detroit’s notorious rap scene. Early in her career, Dej’s individuality commanded the attention of several major artists—think: Big Sean, Drake, Nicki Minaj—and she was ultimately named a 2015 “XXL Freshman,” a rather prestigious award in the rap community.

But seemingly as quick as she rose to the forefront, Dej Loaf mysteriously disappeared.

Or did she? CASSIUS was there to capture the reemergence of this powerful performer—not quite an introduction but a debut nonetheless—as she worked passionately on the creation of Liberated. Bearing witness to the artistic growth that has propelled Dej to this moment, this exclusive CASSIUS Life five-part series offers an intimate look at the becoming of the mighty Dej Loaf.

Come along for the ride. And check out her brand new video for her single “No Fear” right here.

Executive Producer: Detavio Samuels

Executive Producer: Kierna Mayo

Executive Producer: Victoria Jordan
Head of Video: Gideon Moncrieffe 

Directed By: Kyle Goldberg

Senior Producer: Kyle Goldberg

Producer: CJ South
Director of Photography: Kyle Goldberg
Cinematography: Skyler Brown
Editor: Skyler Brown

Production Manager: Danielle Jones

Special Thanks: Dej Loaf and Team /Columbia Records, Alton Glass/Glassrock Entertainment