Taping of 'Midday Live' - November 1, 1977

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According to Rashon Kahn, comedian Paul Mooney had a $1 million bounty put on his head when Richard Pryor Sr. found out that Mooney had sex with his son, Richard Pryor Jr, at least this is according to Pryor Sr’s former bodyguard.

This news came from Kahn in an interview posted by Comedy Hype on Monday. Kahn says Paul had sex with Richard Pryor Jr. when Jr. was in his 20s, once Sr. found out, he instantly wanted Mooney dead, and he wanted him dead so bad, that he offered $1 million to make it happen.

Kahn, Sr.’s former bodyguard, claims that if Kahn didn’t do it, he would find someone else to do it.

Paul Mooney’s publicist, Cassandra Williams, tells TMZ that the report is false. “There is no validity to Rashon Kahn’s statement as it relates to Mr. Paul Mooney.”

During the interview, Kahn says Richard and Paul had the friendship ruined because Paul took advantage of Jr, and the situation. He violated Sr.

Of course, there’s a reason all of this information is coming out now– Kahn has a tell-all book set to release very shortly, and Kahn knew this would make headlines.

Jennifer Lee Pryor, former wife of Sr. tweeted that Jr. had confirmed those allegations on tape after Richard Sr.’s funeral service, and it’s all on tape. If it’s on tape somewhere expect someone to make an attempt to leak it soon.

Check out the interview with Kahn Below.