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Usain Bolt Just Premiered a Music Video.

It’s called “Olympe Rosé,” and it’s promoting his champagne of the same name.

“When me and my friends (collectively known as the A-Team) go out, we used to drink champagne and cognac and called it money mix,” Bolt told Billboard last month. “Because Mumm also makes Martell cognac, I asked if we could put cognac in the champagne and they said we can ferment the champagne in the cognac barrels, so it soaks up the residue. So Olympe Rosé is the first champagne with cognac in it and that’s very cool.”

If you didn’t know, Bolt became the chief entertainment officer of French company and champagne house G.H. Mumm in Nov. 2016.

Check out Bolt’s new music video below:

Chicago Is Working Toward Expunging Minor Marijuana Cases.

On Tuesday, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx announced a partnership with Code For America. The partnership will work toward automatically expunging thousands of minor marijuana cases in Cook County under a new law passed in Illinois, according to ESSENCE.

“The technology and innovation made possible through our partnership with Code for America will help us provide broad and equitable conviction relief for tens of thousands of people while ensuring that more of our time and resources can be used to combat violent crime,” Foxx said in a release. “This partnership is one of many steps Cook County is taking to leverage technology in order to better serve our community and bring our criminal justice system into the 21st century.”

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Apple’s Siri Opt-In Program Will Allow You to Have a Say in How Your Recordings Are Used.

While it’s not all that surprising considering the nature of “smart” technology these days, it turns out Apple failed to disclose to its users that it was using their Siri audio recordings to improve accuracy of the popular iPhone feature. In a recently apology, Apple says that it’s now giving users to opt in or out of having their data accessed, and assures them that they’d “never sell it to anyone.”

“We use Siri data only to improve Siri, and we are constantly developing technologies to make Siri even more private,” Apple said in a statement.

Also, in case you were worried, the recordings aren’t tied to your identity.

“Siri uses a random identifier — a long string of letters and numbers associated with a single device — to keep track of data while it’s being processed, rather than tying it to your identity through your Apple ID or phone number — a process that we believe is unique among the digital assistants in use today,” Apple explained. “For further protection, after six months, the device’s data is disassociated from the random identifier.”

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