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Last week, Angela Valdes’ death on the Power’s premiere set the tone for the show’s sixth and final season, and that is revenge. Ghost thinks he has settled the score with Tommy after he sprayed his iconic mustang with bullets. He will learn that he was sadly mistaken and just made matters much worse for himself.

Ghost Is Getting Played Like A Fool

Ghost firmly believes he killed Tommy that night, but we all know that wasn’t the case, so Jason decides to use that to his advantage. James’ lust for revenge comes with some severe consequences cause now he has to explain himself to Jason. After surveying his handy work on Tommy’s bullet-riddled mustang, Ghost meets up with the druglord to clarify that the hit wasn’t aimed at him or his crew, but just at his former business partner. He goes into his struggling piggy bank to make a peace offering to Jason and after some convincing gets him to accept it.

BUT, Jason, of course, knows he has the upper hand on Ghost and decides to make him pay $100K every two weeks to keep him from retaliating against him. Ghost has no choice but to agree to the lopsided arrangement and at the same time has no idea he is getting played.

The deceit doesn’t end there. The two people he thought he could trust the most, his son and his estranged wife Tasha, are also playing him like a fiddle. They too also know that Tommy is not dead but plays along and hatch plans with his rival behind his back. He will soon learn about all of this at the worst possible time, and we will touch on that in a bit.

Tommy Has The Advantage

With Ghost believing that he is dead, Tommy knows he has an advantage, and he decides to use it. His first move while “dead” is to get people on his side and he manages to recruit both Tasha and Riq. Tasha wants a divorce, but thanks to their prenup, she gets nothing because she initiated the proceedings. With Ghost dead, she can get all of his money and assets plus the revenge she seeks for him killing the “love of her life,” Terry Silver. Riq just can’t stand his dad and wants him out of the way, and he has no feelings if Uncle Tommy kills his pops.

Tommy also uses the time to school Keisha onto the game. She is down for the cause and Tasha advises her to keep her and Kash happy so she won’t dime them out. Keisha, on the other hand, is over the St.Patricks and wants her boo to stop talking to Tasha altogether and is excited to be involved with Tommy’s drug business. Funny we remember she was all against that a few seasons ago but whatever.

Jason is cleverly using this whole Ghost vs. Tommy thing to his advantage as well. He tells Tommy that he cannot kill Ghost because basically, he would be out of $100K payments every two weeks. Jason doesn’t reveal that to Tommy, of course. He offers Tommy protection, but it won’t come free, and if he misses a payment, Jason will tell his guys to sit back and let Ghost kill him. With the upper hand, Tommy will make a colossal move later that we will touch on that will shake Ghost to his core and hit him where it hurts.

Ghost and Tasha 2.0?

While his parents are currently beginning the divorce process, Riq is at Choate working on becoming the man he hates so much… his dad. No longer satisfied with just getting good grades and living his best life, the oldest seed of Ghost is now a pill-pushing hustler. Riq has a very lucrative drug business going on at his school and is using his roommate to help push his product. It looks like Uncle Tommy and the lessons from his mentor Kanan are rubbing off on him.

But like any good business, word spreads around very fast. Riq’s drug dealing ways has caught the attention of another Black student who requests to have a conversation with Riq. Unlike Riq, she is from the hood, but is about her studies (sounds very familiar) and feels that being both she and he is a handful of Black kids at the school his decision to peddle pills is only adding to the stereotype. Of course, Riq doesn’t give a damn what she thinks and hits her with a clever counteroffer to join his crew which will provide her with the opportunity to make some real money to improve her conditions at Choate.

His pitch works because she shows up later at his dorm room and accepts his offer. The new business partners and more than likely couple go inside to play some video games. If this doesn’t sound precisely like Ghost and Tasha’s origin story, we don’t know what does. Brilliant, young, Black woman getting involved with a knuckled head teen boy, this just screams James and Tasha 2.0. We see what you’re doing here Power writers.

Paz Makes A Tough Decision

Poor Paz, she is really not handling the death of her sister well. Not only does she not have the money to pay for the funeral — keep in mind she told Jamie no — Angela’s benefits are being held up too. Annoying ass Saxe reveals to her that due to Angela’s complicated involvement in the case the government is holding the funds up. He vowes to help speed things up but needs more information from Paz. She is still fed up because he hasn’t arrested Ghost yet and thought that allowing Saxe to perform an autopsy on her sister would help. Newsflash it won’t. Saxe tells her he will keep working to put James behind bars and to share anything she finds of relevance in Angie’s belongings with him.

While going through her sister’s things in the deceased government prosecutor’s apartment, she stumbles upon the burner phone she used to speak with Tasha. She texts the number she believes belongs to Ghost asking to meet up but has no idea it’s his estranged wife on the other end. Paz is surprised to find out that she was speaking with Tasha but learns that Angela was working with the St.Patricks and had no intention of flipping on Ghost. Tasha also convinces Paz that Ghost didn’t kill her sister at all.

After leaving the meeting with some new clarity on the situation, she makes a tough decision. She learns from the pastor that someone paid for the cost of the funeral, she decides to find out who. She immediately calls Saxe to see if he was able to get Angela’s benefits to clear, he says they are still being held up. After she hangs up the call, she texts Tasha and says thank you because she figured it out that Jame’s wife paid the funeral costs. It’s there she decides to bury her sister’s secrets with her, and she puts the burner phone in Angela’s casket.

Finally, Paz does something right.

Proctor Has A Problem

Our favorite attorney has a big problem, his wife is back. Saxe is desperately trying to find some dirt on Ghost and thinks Proctor has it all. He recruits Proctor’s ex-wife who manages to convince Saxe to give her a recommendation for a job at a firm. In return, it will her be able to see her daughter again, allowing her to place a bug hidden in a unicorn on her daughter’s backpack so the feds can listen in on Proctor.

During the custody hearing, Proctor is blindsided by his ex-wife’s power move after she announces she has a job to the judge. During a chamber meeting, the judge asked Proctor’s daughter to choose who she wanted to stay with. Proctor’s daughter breaks down because of the pressure of having to choose between her parents. After seeing enough, he grants his coke head ex-wife joint custody.

Little does he know he played right into Saxe’s hands.

Councilman Tate Doesn’t Trust Ghost

Councilman Tate makes his season six debut, and he is just as conniving as ever. Tate wants to be Governor more than anything and doesn’t need Ghost and his problems sinking his election bid. The shady figures have a heart-to-heart and Ghost assures him that Angela’s death and his alleged involvement will not be a problem. Tate still allows Ghost to be a part of his campaign but wants him to keep his mouth shut.

Now, do you think Ghost is going to listen? Of course not. During a press conference where Tate gets grilled about having St. Patrick on his team as well as Angela’s death. Things get testy when a constituent from the old neighborhood busts in demanding answers from Tate. The upset neighborhood local also calls Ghost out for his past, pointing out that he ain’t nothing but a former corner boy.

Ghost hearing enough from the disgruntled man decides to jump in and speak much to the chagrin of Tate. We quickly learn that Tate saw an opportunity in the bungled press conference. He meets up with the angry constituent and offers him a job. Tate wants him to follow Ghost and do some “research” on him. He agrees to do Tate’s bidding, but we know he more than likely just signed his death warrant. Nobody gets the upper hand on Ghost.

We also finally get to see THE REAL Rashad Tate, not the fake political figure we have grown accustomed too.

Tommy Harlem Shakes At Angela’s Funeral

It’s finally time to say goodbye to Angela Valdes. In a very somber moment, all of Power’s most prominent players gather to pay their respects to the fallen prosecutor. Tameika is also on hand to say farewell to her former employee. She and Saxe engage in a conversation to catch up and update each other on the case. Tameika suggests to Saxe that he should leave before his new boss gets rid of him too. Saxe still firmly believes that Ghost is responsible for everything while Tameika is still skeptical.

Their conversation stops when Ghost and Tasha appear surprising all of them. Things get even more interesting when Tommy — Angela’s killer — walks in pays his respects to both Paz and Angie’s sobbing dad. D I S R E S P E C T F U L. Ghost is absolutely stunned because:

  1. Tommy is still alive.
  2. Tommy has the balls to show up at Angela’s funeral, knowing he killed her.
  3. His wife, Tasha, and his son lied to him about Tommy being alive.

After Tommy’s stunt at the funeral,. Ghost immediately runs to talk to Jason and wants to know why he didn’t tell him. Jason tells him that he had to protect his interest because Tommy is his distro. Ghost isn’t trying to hear that and wants his former best friend dead. Jason gives him permission to kill Tommy, but of course, there is a big stipulation. If Ghost does manage to eliminate Tommy, he will have to replace him as the new distro. Ghost has no desire to get back in the game, Jason tells him he doesn’t care how he does it, but if James does kill Tommy, he has to be replaced.

Oh man, Tommy’s move was spicier than Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich.

Forgot About Dre?

We have been wondering where Dre was, and we finally learn what he has been up to. He is currently under witness protection and is set to testify against Alicia Jimenez. He has no idea that Angela is dead and learns after news of her funeral hits the television. Dre discovering that Angela is deceased is the fed’s most significant fear because they feel it will spook him out of testifying.

After Jerry stops by to inform him that are moving him and his daughter to another secure location, Dre looks like he is now more determined to get back in the game. Things are starting to get real exciting quickly in the world of Power. The game is wide open, and it would seem the Power writers are positioning Dre for an opportunity to take over with Ghost not wanting to deal drugs any longer.

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