Kevin Hart Sydney Portrait Shoot

Source: Newspix / Getty

Kevin Hart was in a very bad car crash early Sunday morning. The crash reportedly left Kevin Hart seriously injured, and many of his friends and fans were very worried about him. Hart’s wife, Eniko Hart spoke out on his behalf stating that “he’s doing great, he’s going to be just fine.” She added that he is awake.

TMZ reported that Kevin had undergone successful back surgery to correct the injuries he sustained in the crash. Hart is expected to remain in the hospital for a couple of days to recoup from his injuries.

Hart’s car, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that was souped up with a very powerful engine, was driven off the side of the famous Mulholland Highway — which runs 30-miles long with a scenic view. The roadway is very popular for what is known as “challenging curves.”

It is not confirmed what caused the crash, but it is believed that his car, which crashed through a wooden fence and into a ditch about 10 feet off road, was traveling at a high rate of speed around a curve and the driver lost control. The accident occurred around 1 a.m. Pacific time.

California Highway Patrol filed an accident report, that stated Jared S. Black was driving the car when the accident occurred. Jared was also taken to the hospital for his injuries. Rebecca Broxterman, a 31-year-old woman, was also in the car. She refused medical treatment.

The police do not currently suspect any impaired driving.


There’s also video of the scene where the accident happened. You can see skid marks right before the broken wooden fence where the crash happened: