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Tennessee Titans v Cleveland Browns

Source: Diamond Images / Getty

Gregg Williams is being accused by Browns receiver Odell Beckham Jr. of instructing players to injure him during a preseason game in 2017.

It was Briean Boddy-Calhoun who delivered the hit that nearly led to a severe ankle injury for OBJ. Luckily he suffered just a sprained ankle. Now that Beckham is a member of the Cleveland Browns, there are players there telling him that then defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, told them to take a shot at Beckham whenever they had the chance, and that he would go out the game if he got hurt a bit.

Gregg Williams was involved in the Bountygate scandal that plagued the New Orleans Saints, and resulted in him being suspended for the entirety of the 2012 season after an investigation found that he had set up a bounty system rewarding players for hurting other players.

That hit was called out as dirty at the time, particularly by OBJ’s Giant’s teammates at the time.

“You have all the opportunity in the world to make a play on the ball like that, he had about 30 seconds with the ball in the air,” Landon Collins said, who was OBJ’s teammate at the time. “He could have made a play on the ball, he could have hit him high—he chose a different route. I can’t respect him.”

The Cleveland Browns will take on Gregg Williams and the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. It will be the first time Williams takes on the Browns since he served as defensive coordinator, and interim head coach after Hue Jackson was fired in the middle of last season.