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In our best *James St.Patrick voice*, previously on Power, Dre survived a hit from the Jimenez Cartel and killed Donovan for whatever reason. After he got picked up trying to escape, Saxe offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse, get dirt on Ghost, and he will get his daughter back. Speaking of Ghost, Jason is using both him and Tommy to his advantage to carry out his dastardly deeds, mainly take out his competition, Alicia Jimenez. The episode closed with Ghost calling Tommy offering a truce and extending an olive branch so they can take out Jason together. Tommy said nah and promised to cancel Ghost’s Christmas the next time he sees him.

Ghost Is Dealing With Angela’s Death In A Very Unusual Way

Angela’s death hit Ghost harder than we thought. With the combination of things around him falling apart like his family, his business, and the Queens Child Project, he is starting to see Angela. Ghost clearly feels responsible for her death and is compensating by having a convo with his dead sidepiece. Dressed in the red dress she wore to her first visit to Truth, Angela isn’t making things easy for the mentally vulnerable former drug lord. She is also questioning his guilt and if Ghost really feels sorry for her death and is trying to make things right, why is Tommy still alive?

Angela’s “ghost” is having an immediate effect on Ghost who sets out to please satisfy her wishes. He once again tries to take out Tommy after learning of his drug routes from Jason during an impromptu meeting. Ghost somehow uses his pull with the city council to schedule gas pipework on the streets that hold up Tommy and his crew. Having to improvise, Tommy, 2-Bit. Spanky and Black Grimace use the ambulance they utilized to spring Alicia Jimenez. The delay was long enough for Ghost to open a window of opportunity to make a move on his former partner. Ghost rams his truck into the ambulance, hops out the vehicle, and begins to open fire on the Tommy and 2-Bit. Now don’t ask us how James missed basically at point-blank range but he damn sure did. His poor shooting allowed Tommy and his goon to escape without being harmed.

Tate’s spy checks to inform the wannabe Governor of NYC of what is going down. Rashad calls in his a favor to some cops under his payroll to scoop up Ghost before the real cops show up. Tate warns Ghost to chill, and Ghost tells him to stay out of his way. Ghost heads back to the penthouse, and he sees Angela once again. Despite him showing mercy to Maria Suarez (we will get into detail about that), Angela still doesn’t believe that Ghost is trying to change. Ghost doesn’t want to kill anymore or be involved in the drug game, but certain things and people won’t let him flourish.

Dre Is Back To His Double-Crossing Ways

It doesn’t take Dre too long to resort back to his old ways. With the deal with Saxe already in place, Dre decides to link up with Proctor behind Saxe’s back. Proctor seeing this as an opportunity for Ghost brings him by Truth, and of course, Ghost isn’t too happy to see his former protege at all. Before he can get a word out, Ghost grabs Dre by the throat hilariously threatening to kill him with a pen. Proctor finally gets his client to calm down and listen to why he brought Dre by in the first place.

Dre explains why he is working with Saxe and that the prosecutor has his daughter and is using her as collateral to make him get dirt on his former boss. Dre also reveals there is another witness out there that could implicate Ghost. Proctor convinces Ghost that they should use this to their advantage and James agrees with his attorney. James tells Dre that he down with the idea, but he has to wear a wire so they can listen to what he tells Saxe.

Little do they know Dre is playing both sides and after listening in on Ghost’s meeting with Jason senses a way back into the drug game. During a meeting with Saxe, he learns of the other witness and relays the information to Ghost. Now that James knows where Maria Suarez’s location, the nightclub owner heads to his safe to collect his gun and an envelope. He tells Dre to follow him, while on the way Dre sends a text to Saxe informing him that Ghost is strapped and on his way to see the witness. Once they arrived at the apartment, he shoots off another text message telling Saxe to send in the calvary but is shocked when Ghost hands Maria the envelop full of cash instead of killing her.

Dre sends another message to Saxe telling him to back off, but it’s too late. As they pull off, the FBI shows up, and Dre is looking nervous, hoping Ghost didn’t see them in the rearview mirror. Chances are extremely high they did, and we also refuse to believe that Ghost doesn’t know Dre is doublecrossing him.

Terry Silver Who? Tasha Finds A Potential New Boo Already

Looks like Tasha is rebounding quickly over Terry Silver. Her plan to open her own daycare to make some legitimate money. With the help of Tate and the care package, the DNC sent him Ramona Garrity she has the building to run the business. While surveying the property, she gets a visit from a handsome gentleman. He just happens to be looking for a daycare for his daughter. Dressed in the classic baby shower fit, the Burberry button-up, the two exchange pleasantries and you can immediately sense the chemistry between the two. While nothing happens during their first encounter, he gives Tasha his phone number.

Their second encounter things heat up quickly. He asks Tasha out on a date, but she declines and says she doesn’t do bars and especially clubs. She decides to pop open a bottle of wine she had stashed in her desk, and the two new friends decide to have a drink. They don’t even get to finish their wine before they start kissing and removing clothing. Before things get incredibly steamy, Tasha tells him to stop because she wants to take things slowly. He agrees and asks her on a real date, and she agrees to it.

The daycare is finally finished and guess who comes to pay a visit? If you guessed Ghost, you are 100 percent correct. He is not too thrilled to see this is where his money is going, but he knows there isn’t anything he can do about it. While the estranged couple is arguing, Tasha’s new boo walks in, and Ghost is not too happy to see him. Sensing that it’s not a good look, Tasha takes him outside, Ghost, on the other hand, isn’t too happy see Tasha already has a potential love interest. After Ghost leaves, Tasha tells her new boo that the idea of the two of them dealing with each other is a bad idea. She probably is trying to do the guy a favor knowing that dealing with her is a death wish. He, of course, is adamant about hooking up with Tasha and says he doesn’t fear Ghost, but he has no idea who he is dealing with, and Tasha knows it. We know this isn’t the last we will see of him at all.

Riq Is Way In Over His Head

Ghost 2.0, aka Riq, is learning that the drug game is no joke. He has no pills to push, but a text message from Vincent could change that. Last season Riq got in bed with the mobster who supplied him with his first go-around of product. Vicent calls in a favor revealing a location where Riq can get some pills. Little does Riq know he will be stealing from his own Uncle Tommy.

Riq sneaks in the warehouse where Tommy stashes his supply and steals a sizeable amount of pills. He almost gets caught by 2-Bit, Spank and Black Grimace but manages to sneak out of the warehouse. Tommy stops by Vincents to see if he can unload some of the product on him, but Vincent claims he already has some excellent product. When he shows him the bottle, Tommy quickly realizes that it’s his drugs that Vincent has. Tommy quickly figures out that it was his nephew who supplied Vincent with the pills, and Uncle T is not too happy to learn that. He tells Vincent to stay away from Riq before leaving the bar.

Tommy immediately heads to Riq’s school to confront his nephew and get to the bottom of things. Riq lies to him at first telling him he got the pills from Kanan, but Tommy doesn’t believe him. Tommy pleads with Riq to not get involved with the drug game and makes him promise to stop. Riq agrees and but you know his ass is lying and Tommy leaves the bag full of product. Riq’s hard-headed ass heads back to see Vincent and of the mob boss is not too happy. He tells Riq that they are still working together and informs him that he will have to bring back double the weight he originally supplied. Looks like Riq bit off more than he can chew.

Proctor’s Power Move Against His Ex-Wive May Get Him Trouble

Proctor’s ex-wife is in a terrible spot. She is failing to deliver in her end of the bargain with Saxe bringing him nothing he can use from the spying device he gave her. After her last meeting with Saxe, he threatens to expose her for the bad parent she is if she doesn’t get a smoking gun for him to use against Ghost.

Proctor being the brilliant guy he is, stops by her apartment to drop off their daughter. Before his estranged wife arrives, he drops a letter in her mailbox. Once she shows up, she quickly opens the mailbox and notices the mail he deposited, which happens to be a letter from the New York Bar exam. She opens the letter and learns she failed the exam, which she was counting on to help her land a new job. PLUS Proctor’s slick ass dropped more lies boasting about hooking up with his secretary and even going as far to show his ex-wife a ring he was going to propose with.

Proctor basically planted a seed which would lead to his ex-wife resorting back to cocaine to help her cope, and it grew rather quickly. After receiving a call from his daughter, Proctor heads back to the house and finds his estranged wife high out of her mind. She apparently gets a bad batch of coke, and her body begins to react to it.

While Lindsay is dying, she begs Proctor to help her and call 911, but he decides not to, letting her OD. While she is dying, he tells her lifeless body he won’t let her take his daughter from her. The recording device on his daughter’s backpack picked that all up, this might be the first time Proctor has slipped up really badly.

Tommy & Keisha Forever?

Keisha and Tommy are dead serious about their relationship. In an unexpected meeting, she finally meets Tommy’s mom. While he is out handling business, Keisha and his momma are getting to know one another in his apartment. After seeing how Keisha handles a situation involving her son, Kate is not sold on her at all.

Kate decides to have a heart-to-heart with her son to tell him that she is not feeling Keisha at all and that she misses Holly. Tommy is not trying to hear it and kicks his own mother out of his momma for speaking ill of his new boo. While engaged in some pillow talk, Tommy tells Keisha what his mother said but needs reassurance that Keisha is 100 percent down for the cause.

Keisha reassures him she is down and Tommy lets her know that he will always be there for Keisha and her son because they are all he got in terms of family. Sounds like outside of Tasha and Riq, Tommy has a reliable ally in his fight with the Ghost. That’s all he wants for the moment.

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