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Tennessee Titans v Philadelphia Eagles

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Nelson Agholor, wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, has had a rough couple of weeks. Two weeks ago he dropped a potential game-winning touchdown against the Atlanta Falcons in what turned out to be an agonizing loss for the Philadelphia Eagles. This week he had a big drop on third down, and a fumble that led to three points. The Philadelphia Eagles ended up losing to the Detroit Lions by three points.

Following the game on Sunday, Agholor received some shade from the fans in the Philadelphia area. Hakim Laws was describing a scene where he and others were helping save children from a burning building when he mentioned that the children were being thrown from the second story of a building, he said “and we were catching them, unlike Agholor.”

Agholor didn’t respond bitterly as some would expect, and he didn’t choose to ignore it. Instead, he embraced it, and decided to offer the fan tickets to the game for being a hero and saving those kids.

In spite of the criticism and jokes at the expense of Agholor he is inviting the fan to the game against the New York Jets on October 6th at Lincoln Financial Field.

Laws sprung into action when he saw flames coming from the windows of an apartment on the second floor of a building in West Philadelphia. Laws, who we also found out was a former fire fighter told the father to throw the babies out of the window, and he would catch them.

Authorities say the fire was started by an air conditioning unit. No major injuries were reported from the incident.