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Amber Guyger, a former Dallas police officer, was charged with killing Botham Jean in his own apartment. According to prosecutors on Monday, Guyger missed multiple signs that she was not on the right floor when entering an apartment she mistakenly believed to be her own, and fatally shooting Jean.

Court documents from the ongoing case show that her defense of being tired the night of the murder was called into question. Her former partner, who she has a sexual relationship with, revealed that the two texted each other throughout the day sent sexually explicit messages to each other throughout the day and just before she shot her neighbor.

Lead prosecutor Jason Hermus said that the pair was texting each other hours before the shooting, including one message in which Guyger said she was “super horny today.”

Hermus said that at about 9:30 p.m., as Guyger finished her 13 and a half hour shift, she sent Rivera a Snapchat message that read, “Wanna touch?”

Following the shift Guyger parked on the fourth floor of the garage accompanying her complex, the only problem is, she usually parks on the third floor, which is where her unit is located. So when Guyger took her path to what she believed to be her door, she was, in fact, one level above her actual unit.

When she put her key fob in and the door began to open with her unlocking, she became worried. At this point, she missed more signs, there was a table missing in this apartment that she had in her own apartment, there was a smell of marijuana in the air, because of Botham’s marijuana use. Due to alleged sleep deprivation, Guyger missed all of these signs, and perceived Botham as an intruder in her home, when in reality, he was just in his own home.

The incident occurred September 6, 2018 believing it was her unit, and Botham was in intruder. She was indicted for murder a couple days later, and faces life in prison if convicted. She has pleaded not-guilty.

The Jean family and attorneys are now worried that the Dallas Police are trying to frame Botham Jean as a criminal rather than a victim of carelessness by a member of the police force.

A search warrant was executed for Jean’s apartment shortly after his death for drugs. 10 grams of marijuana, and a grinder were found, and confiscated from his apartment.

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