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Previously on Power, Riq got in way over his head with Vincent thinking he can hoodwink and bamboozle the seasoned gangster. He learned quickly that Vincent isn’t the one to play with and got his ass kidnapped. This happened immediately after he delivered Proctor’s daughter to her Uncle Benny’s house. Speaking of Proctor, we lost a real one last week. With some help from annoying “nephew” Tommy shows up at the penthouse, guns blazing…literally. After wasting a ridiculous amount of ammo, he finally catches up with Ghost’s favorite attorney and kills him.

Riq’s “Kidnapping” Isn’t What It Seems To Be

As mentioned in the brief recap above, Riq’s failed attempt at being a hustler got himself kidnapped by Vincent. The episode picks right back up at Coney Island, but we learn quickly that this situation isn’t what it seems. Riq is using his kidnapping to basically extort his dad and Uncle Tommy. He thinks it will help pay back the money he owes to Vincent and get a 50/50 cut in the process. What he doesn’t know is Vincent doesn’t plan on paying him a damn cent and will kill all of them in the process.

Meanwhile, Ghost and Tommy are now scrambling to get enough product together to so they can get the $2 million that Vincent is requesting in exchange for Riq’s life. After a bit of a squabble, the two finally decide to put their minds together to formulate a plan that will help secure that incredible amount of money. Tommy agrees to acquire an insane amount of product to push, and Ghost will use his connections to help pay for it.

Ghost runs to Rashad Tate to ask him for a cool $1 million out of his campaign funs, and Tate hit him with the “n**** what?” Tate can’t stand Ghost’s ass, but unfortunately for him, the ever so slick former drug dealer has some dirt on him, so he has no choice but to give James the money. Ghost promises to hand over the recording to Tate and return the money in 24 hours. Tommy is handling business on his end and secures the ridiculous amount of drugs from Jason. Of course, Tommy’s drug connect is very curious as to why his distro needs so much weight. Tommy manages to quell Jason’s curiosity by basically telling him hey you got your money, now mind your business.

While Ghost and Tommy are getting their plan together, Riq and Vincent are making sure their “kidnapping” is going down without a hitch. Vincent runs up on Tasha to break the bad news to her just to see if she knew anything about what was going down. Like Riq explained to his “kidnapper,” he was well aware Ghost would have not told his mother, and he was correct. After finding out what is going on, Tasha runs straight to Tommy’s crib to voice her frustration with Ghost. She learns that Ghost is now unwillingly back in the drug game and demands to help and offers to clean money through her daycare and help with the books. That’s all good, BUT Keisha who just became hip to drug game is not onboard with the idea. How are you gonna tell Tasha she can’t help get her own son back though?

Anyway, Tommy gets Holly 2.0 to calm down and accept the fact she is not in control of the decisions around the matter, and now everything is set. Tommy manages to get 2-Bit and Spank onboard with the plan to help move the product after Black Grimace shows he is down for the cause.

Ghost recruits Dre by convincing the worried goon he’ll help find his daughter with some help from Tate plus in the process will help him become Jason’s new distro. Ghost still doesn’t trust Dre and reveals to him that he will be working with Alfonse to help him move the drugs.

The plan goes off without a hitch, and they manage to get the money, and now it’s time to pay Vincent and get Riq back.

Jason Is Right On Time To Ruin Everything

On this show, you should have already known that nothing goes as plan. On the way to the drop off the money, Ghost and Tommy are ambushed by Jason and his crew. It would appear that Jason was watching them move the entire time, and he is not happy to learn of himself being out of the loop.

To make up for the money the two former friends owe him, he decides to take half of the $2 million ransom request much to the dismay of Tommy and Ghost. Knowing they dodged a severe bullet, Ghost and Tommy are now $1 million in the hole and don’t know what to do. The only logical thing they can think of is to go to Vincent with what they have and explain to him what happened.

If you said to yourself that idea wasn’t going to work, then you were 100% correct. Vincent did not care and to let them know he wasn’t playing whooped Riq’s ass with a sack of oranges. Secretly we were here for it, but Ghost wasn’t, and we understand, who wants to see their son get brutalized with fruit? After Vincent goes ham ono Riq’s stomach, he tells Ghost and Tommy they got another 24 hours to get the rest of the money or Riq is dead.

Jason isn’t their only problem, the feds led by Blanca and her terrible fake Rosie Perez detective voice trying to get to the bottom of Proctors murder. The whole incident seemed quite fishy to them with the backdoor being left open and no sign of forced entry. They want to question Riq about Proctor’s murder, but unfortunately, he’s currently being held “hostage” at the moment and can’t talk to anyone.

Tasha To The Rescue

Ghost and Tommy return to Keisha and Tasha with the bad news about the drop. All hope seems lost, but Tasha comes through in the clutch. Now granted it only happened because Keisha opened her big mouth about Tasha’s side hustle at the daycare, leaving her no choice but to spill the beans. Ghost is livid at first to find out that Tasha has been hustling without his knowledge and wants to meet her connect. She, of course, says no but after some convincing from Tommy, he gets down with the plan.

Keisha then points out that they need a plan B and Tasha then comes up with another idea, they should hit club Truth. The plan is to rob all the rich folks who in the building for the fundraiser event for Tate. Ghost with the help of his potential new replacement for Angela, Romana came up with the idea to help Tate raise cash. James thinks it’s a good idea and Tommy recruits 2-Bit, Spank, Black Grimace while Ghost adds Alfonse to the mix. Tasha also suggests that it would be a good idea that Ghost tells Vincent that he needs to allow Riq to talk to the cops, Ghost agrees because he knows Vincent wouldn’t want the heat surrounding him during this extortion scheme.

Vincent agrees to let Riq meet with Blanca and the detective on the case. Can we add how terrible both of them are at playing cops? Anyway, Riq puts on his scared young teen act telling them he left to get some hot chocolate, and the only reason he went through the back door was to avoid a “racist neighbor.” He sealed his story with the ultimate kiss by claiming how tired he was of seeing people die and that he was sorry to hear about Proctor’s death and as far as we know both detectives ate it up.

Once outside Tasha pulls her son to the side to ask him why did he make up such a bullshit story and he explains that he knows that Vincent is going to kill them all after he gets the money. When Tasha touches his stomach area, he winces in pain, and she discovers the bruises from Vincent beating him with the oranges.

Before the plan to rob Truth goes into effect, Ghost links up with Uncle Benny to speak with him in person about Proctor’s death and extend his condolences. He also wanted to share some information on who could have done it mentioning the name his now-former attorney said to him the last time he spoke with him. Benny is grateful for the tip and promises to repay Ghost if he needs anything. Ghost decides to call in that favor now asking for some help from Benny’s men.

Run The Jewels

It’s time for the big heist. Everyone is playing their part, Dre is moving the new product Tasha supplied through the club while her stripper accomplice from last week is making good on her end at the strip club.  Tate approached Ghost about the money and revealed to him that somehow someway the all of it was returned when the accountants checked the books. While everyone was sipping on expensive champagne and hob-knobbing, they had no idea they were about to be jacked by 2-Bit, Spank, Black Grimace, and Alfonse.

Dre who doesn’t know about the plan sees his former associates 2-Bit and Spank puts on his best confused but scared look. 2-Bit who was tasked to kill Dre before spots him and decides this would be a good time finish the job he started. Dre somehow manages to slip, and 2-Bit goes back to the matters at hand. Once they are all dressed up in the heist drip, they bust in the party demanding everyone to give up their jewelry and money. They quickly relieve everyone of their possessions and 2-Bit,  Spank and Black Grimace leave. Alfonse for whatever reason decides to be extra and bother Ramona. Tate immediately recognizes Alfonse and tells James.

Ghost recognizing that this could mess up the plan gives Tate his gun and decides to try and convince Alfonse to just leave. For whatever reason, Alfonse decides nah and hits Ghost in the stomach with his shotgun, Tate being a former police officer shoots and kills Alfonse.

After the dust settled, Tate now looks like a crime-fighting hero, the money he stole is insured so it will still come back. Ramona is pleased with all that goes down; you can tell she wants to give Ghost the business for what just went down.

Could she also be onto Ghost as well? Time will only tell.

Ghost Knows Tommy’s Dirty Little Secret

With all the money secured, it’s time for the drop off part 2. Ghost and Tommy arrived with the cash and one of Vincent’s men they kidnapped as bonus insurance. Vincent and his cronies come with Riq, Tommy drops off the money, and the exchange is made. Vincent immediately shows his hand revealing his plot to kill all of them. Ghost came prepared, and signals for Benny and his crew to show up.

The two mobsters know each other and Benny tells Vincent that since Riq kept his niece safe during her father’s murder, he is protected for life. If he kills Riq or anyone associated with him, there will be an all-out war between the two families. Vincent decides to take his money and back off.

While thanking Benny for his services, Ghost notices Tommy’s reaction towards him, while Tommy notices that Benny only did what he did because Ghost told him who Proctor’s killer was. After Benny leaves, the two former friends and business partners have one last moment together before parting ways. While at

Tasha’s new digs, Ghost has an epiphany and realizes that Tommy killed his attorney and Riq helped him do it.

Meanwhile, Tommy knows that Ghost is well aware that he killed Proctor. Keisha pledges her allegiance to Tommy vowing to kill anyone who tries to hurt her man (yeah right). Tommy tells her to chill he got this, and the war between the two of them is back on.

Well so much for that truce.

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