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Lil Nas X returned to his former Atlanta high school in a brief teaser for his upcoming appearance on CBS This Morning. This comes just two years after Nas X walked those exact same halls as a student.

“Feels good being able to walk through the halls and not get in trouble for it,” he says in the clip featured on Twitter. Nas X also took time to sit with students, who are fans of his and were hype to take pictures. The current senior class were freshmen when Nas X graduated.

Lil Nas X had a fast rise to the top of charts, with his hit single “Old Town Road” now holding the record for longest standing number one in Billboard history at 17 weeks.

The song gained a lot of momentum when it was removed from country music charts since many people thought the decision was racially charged. Once that happened, the song was inescapable.
Shortly after his hit single went viral he debuted his first studio album, Nas X announced that he was gay. That announcement was met with a lot of support, but likely still took its toll on Nas X.

As you can imagine, when you’re thrust into the spotlight the way Nas X was, things can become overwhelming. He recently announced that he is taking a break from music and said that once he returns, he will make it up to his fans who will not get the chance to see him at upcoming festivals.