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Shanghai Sharks v Houston Rockets

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The Thunder took the huge risk of trading for Paul George in July of 2017, which paid off when they were able to sign PG to a contract extension the following summer. It appeared the Oklahoma City Thunder had the core of their team, Paul George and Russell Westbrook, locked up for the next three years. Fast forward 12 months, and neither are on the Thunder any longer.

Following another disappointing postseason performance, PG abruptly requested a trade from the OKC Thunder this past July. It left Russell Westbrook in OKC by himself. At that point, he went to the front office and they both agreed a trade would be best.

During their time in OKC, Westbrook and George became very good friends, and many people thought that friendship would be ruined when PG wanted out of OKC — similar to when KD bolted OKC for Golden State.

When asked about the situation, Westbrook assured there was no beef with PG and they were good. During a Clippers and Rockets preseason game, that proved to be true.

The two shared a laugh and dap during a brief break in the game, and there doesn’t appear to be hard feelings. In fact, it’s one of the few times we have seen Westbrook laughing and embracing an opponent in any way. He is known for his serious, no-nonsense attitude — but then again, it is the preseason.