April 2018

Would you rule Wakanda like T'Challa, or NYC streets like Miles Morales? Take this to find out.

February 2018

The first DVDs I ever bought my firstborn were probably Baby Einstein discs, but as soon as we got the whole pre-K education thing out of the way, I bought him Batman: The Animated Series. Sure, it helped with his English (French was his first language, he grew up in Paris), but for me it […]

It's Black History Month, so it's only fitting that we do this.

The Well

The differences within Black/African/African-American culture and what it means to be in search of a connection.

I was five or six years old the first time I was introduced to Black Eric, the kid who lived down the street from me in my Philadelphia neighborhood. When kids on my street said his nickname we uttered it as if it were a curse or a joke drawing laughter and finger pointing, disgust […]