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While other rappers struggle to gain maintain popularity in these trying times, one who has remained true to his method is Drake.

He’s always silent on social media save for promoting his new songs, which are sprinkled in with top-notch features that are usually a part of DJ Khaled roll out. And this time things were the same, after handing off Popstar and Greece to the Miami-based producer, Drake has returned with what’s reportedly the first single off his Certified Lover Boy album, entitled “Laugh Now, Cry Later.” Aside from Chicago drill legend Lil Durk, the star-studded video features cameos from Kevin Durant, Marshawn Lynch, Odell Beckham Jr., social media comedian Druski, and a mystery woman we see in the opening scene as Drake rolled up to the Nike Campus in a Mercedes Maybach. She was then spotted again alongside Drake’s Nike shopping spree, and it turns out she goes by Aggy Baby and is an Instagram influencer with tons of funny skits and beautiful pictures on her page.

The 27-year-old is a New Jersey native who decided to show her life on Instagram as a way to vent about her life in the military.

“It started back in 2013, and I was in the military on my way of processing out. I like to speak my mind, and when I was in the military, I didn’t really have too many people to talk to, so when they came out with the ability to make videos on Instagram, I was like, “Okay, well, f-ck it. I’m just going to speak my mind on Instagram,” Abby, whose real name is Abigail Silva, revealed to Llero.

While we still aren’t entirely sure how she landed the leading role and was chosen to play the shotgun role alongside Drake’s coolest video yet, we’re sure more details how about the selection will come out soon.

But in the meantime, we scoured Abby’s Instagram for the most stunning photos, so take a look at the gallery below.

1. Oiled up.

2. Kick game crazy.

3. She knows her angles.

4. Pool ready.

5. But that Fashion Nova fits…

6. All Golden everything.

7. When In Oakland…

8. Blue is her color.

9. Candid Vibes

10. Triple threat.

11. Pool side ready

12. Little White Dress

13. Devilish in red.

14. Almost Strapless.

15. Itty Bitty Black Bikini

16. Ready to dive in

17. Ready For Bed

18. Sunglasses in the club

19. When the animal print hits…

20. Demon Time