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Fat Joe Calls Drake "The Michael Jackson of This Time," MJ Fans Say Nah

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

When it comes to dropping hits consistently, no one is doing that better Drake. Speaking on his greatness, Fat Joe dropped the hottest of takes when talking about the Toronto native and pissed off an entire fanbase.

Drake became the topic of discussion during a recent episode of Fat Joe’s Instagram Live featuring Rick Ross. Joe wanted to why Drizzy and Rozay have such a high level of respect and admiration for one another. Ross revealed to the Terror Squad general that when Drake was coming up in the game, he always looked out for him and made sure he was good. Now that Drake is one of the game’s top tier artists, he is reciprocating that love.

But what has really grabbed people’s attention is the fact that the “Lean Back” rapper called Drake “the Michael Jackson of our time,” which caused many of the late King of Pop’s diehard fans to think Joey might have lost it.

“What’s this relationship between you and Drake? Lemme finish… Drake is possibly the hardest person to get in touch with, and let’s be clear, every song he does goes No. 1, and he’s just like, the Michael Jackson of this time.”

Mike Jack fans who don’t care for the comparisons, whether it be Chris Brown or Usher moonwalked all over the Bronx rapper on Twitter for having the audacity to even say such a thing.

Unfortunately, we would never know how Michael Jackson felt about Drake and his music, BUT let this be a lesson to anyone considering comparing themselves or another artist to MJ. You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty

1. Lol damn why Remy had to catch a stray?

2. Solid take.

3. Trueeeeeee

4. Michael Jackson fans everyhwere responding to Fat Joe after watching the interview.

5. Yikes!


7. That’s what happens when you say ridiculous things on the internet.

8. Ouch.

9. Cap!