Twitter Is Hilariously Critiquing A$AP Rocky's Alleged Sex Tape

Source: Timothy Norris / Getty

The internet was “blessed” with one more sex tape before the decade comes to a close. A$AP Rocky’s stroke game was the subject of intense scrutiny following the leak of a video that features someone that resembles the A$AP Mob general making an attempt to smash some cakes to smithereens shoutout to Bossip.

The admitted sex addict hasn’t copped to being in the video. Still, according to those who watched the footage hilariously titled “Rock Hard BBC Destroys Paig” on Pornhub (google it yourselves), Rocky is the one on the tape. How do they know you ask? Well, according to viewers of the amateur boom boom flick, you can spot Rocky’s signature A$AP Mob tattoo across his stomach as well as another tattoo on his hand.

We watched for research purposes to see if indeed, that is the case, and it is. You can visibly see both tattoos while the alleged person that looks like A$AP delivering as some are describing very uninspired strokes to a white woman with a very large booty. Your guess is as good as ours as to who the mystery woman is, though. He was practicing safe sex, at least.

Twitter was totally let down that man who once rapped on a song titled “F**kin’ Problems” I be f**kin’ broads like I be f**kin’ bored Turn a dyke bitch out have her f**kin’ boys, beast,” literally looked as bored while having sex. Before you go on your spirited search for A$AP’s sex tape, if you haven’t already you, definitely need to see these reactions to it below in the gallery.

You are guaranteed to have a laugh or two.

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