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Sustainable Fashion & Accessory Brands That Are Making An Impact

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You can look good and do your part to save the planet, too. 

Climate change is very much real and a severe issue, and there have been a plethora of initiatives proposed to battle what many call the most existential crisis of our time. One avenue has been in the fashion world where designers have begun to realize that our clothes are also piling up and harming our environment.

To do their part and help reduce our carbon footprint on the planet, fashion designers are going the sustainable fashion route. So what is sustainable fashion? It is defined as “garments and accessories that are produced and/or accessed in an ecologically and socially responsible manner.”

The movement is strong, with plenty of designers stepping up to provide trendy drip and slick accessories that won’t have fashionistas turning up their noses like car enthusiasts at ugly electric cars. So, with that said, for the environmentally-conscious fashion enthusiasts who want to do their part in the fight against climate change, and support Black-owned businesses, Cassius Life decided to highlight Black-owned sustainable fashion brands.

Check out the gallery below and prepare to do some virtual window shopping and browsing at these fantastic Black-owned brands who are doing their part to keep us fresh and eco-conscious at the same damn time.

Photo: Johner Images / Getty

1. Sarep + Rose

Founded by Robin Sirleaf, Sarep + Rose is a “lifestyle brand focused on merging style & function with social impact.” Sirleaf travels across Africa to find the best materials and makers to help design goods and at the same time “change outdated narratives of  ‘African’ people, places and things.”

The brand sells leather handbags, footwear, and decorative home storage solutions that are crafted from leathers rescued from waste, natural grasses, and handwoven culturally significant textiles.

You can head here to see what Serap + Rose has to offer. 


Founded by Byron and Dexter Peart, Certified B Corp company GOODEE is described as a curated marketplace that offers shoppers apparel, homeware, and accessories. The founders are on a mission to help marginalized communities, reduce poverty, and push for gender equality while supporting traditional artisans and small brands worldwide.

GOODEE also sells its own collection of pieces and supports products that have been crafted using natural materials from plants, animals, and other naturally occurring materials. 

You can check out the website here.


beRESONANT does its part by featuring brands that create vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable clothing. The company also reduces its carbon footprint by not holding any actual inventory. Instead, the company fulfills orders only after they are ordered. That one decision ensures the company does not contribute to the waste created by the nearly 25 million garments that either end up in a landfill or incinerated because they did not sell. 

beRESONANT’s manufacturing facilities also use less dye, water, and raw material, contributing to their product’s smaller carbon footprint on the world. 

You can browse beRESONANT’s collection by heading here. 

4. Season Three

Founders Jared Jay Johnson and Adam Klein are doing their part with their company Season Three, which provides tough boots to hit the hiking trail and easily transition to the workplace or a trip to the museum. The company sources from environmentally-conscious tanneries and uses recycled materials for packaging and shipping. 

You can check out what the brand has to offer by heading here. 

5. Kind Socks

Founded by Stephen Steele in 2017, Kind Socks aimed to help put sustainable and stylish socks on people’s feet around the world. The brands colorful and fun socks are designed only using organic cotton. 

Head here to check out the collection to find some stocking stuffers.