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Black Twitter Rallies To Keep Oxtail Away From Colonizers

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We have to protect our recipes. Black Twitter is coming together to keep oxtail from being the latest food item colonizers ruin by throwing raisins on it and further jacking up the price for the cut of meat.

Sound the alarm. We are in danger of oxtail being the latest food item popular among Black folks, specifically the Caribbean massive, being colonized.

Black Twitter’s eyebrows collectively raised when Insider Food shared a tweet talking about oxtail. The video accompanied the caption, “Oxtail is a dish that is popular around the world, but specifically within the Caribbean and within Caribbean communities in the US.”

In the video itself, we follow a Black Insider Food producer, Doyinsola Oladipo, as she takes a food adventure to meet up with chef Leigh-Ann Martin, a Trinidadian native who lives in New York to experience the deliciousness that is oxtail for the very first time.

Sounds harmless, right?

Well, yes and no. Oxtail is considered the poor man’s cut of meat, like how enslaved Black people made the most of parts of the pig they were given.

Recently, the cut of meat has become ridiculously expensive, sometimes selling for up to $10 a pound. shared numerous reasons for the sudden price hike.

According to the website, oxtail selling in small portions, producing “high-quality” oxtail, bulk pricing not applying to the cut of meat, and the abundance of “low-quality” oxtail making “high-quality” cuts rare are contributing to the high price.

One reason that standouts is oxtail’s sudden popularity in Europe in the United States, places where a majority of the people who now enjoy the Caribbean delicacy once considered it to be “leftover meat.”

Black Twitter Is Trying To Save Oxtail From The Colonizers

Folks already see the jig and are coming together to try and deter “dawhytes” from adding oxtail to their food palate and creating ungodly concoctions, further increasing the price.

The quote retweets, and replies to the Insider Food post are all witty and quite hilarious.

“Oxtail has been scientifically proven to cause acne, hair loss, lower credit scores, and loss of white privilege. Replace with tofu. We can’t have nothing,” one Twitter user said. 

“Oxtail gives you high blood pressure,” another user said.

It’s funny, but this is a serious cause. We can’t let them have this one. You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Candice Bell / Getty

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