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Stephen A. Smith Dragged On Twitter After Defending Jerry Jones

Source: Justin Ford / Getty/ Stephen A. Smith

Well, turns out Jerry Jones didn’t have to say anything because one of the loudest voices on television had his back. ESPN’s biggest name Stephen A. Smith used his First Take pedestal to defend his “good friend” Jerry Jones.

“I’m pretty pissed off,” Stephen A. Smith said while discussing the newly surfaced photo with a then 14-year-old Jones in it. “I’m pissed off, but not for reasons people think. I am very, very fond of Jerry Jones, and I’m not hiding that from anybody. Is his record perfect? No, but I’m pissed off because he doesn’t deserve what just happened. He doesn’t deserve it. One report, our report, said he was 14 years old. Another report said he was 15 years old. At minimum, that’s 65 years ago.”

“You gonna bring up a photo of Jerry Jones standing at this protest, no question what was happening, it’s not something that anybody as a Black person should be appreciative about,” he continued. “We had six students at that particular North Little Rock high school that was trying to desegregate the school. Nobody should be okay with that, and we understand that. We get all of that. … Racism is alive and well. Bigotry and prejudice is alive and well. We get all of that, but you gonna bring up a photo of him when he was 14, 15 years old? 65 or 66 years ago.”

Stephen A. Smith Had Smoke For His Fellow Journalist

Smith wasn’t done caping for Jones. He set his crosshairs on journalists for “making an attempt” to inflict “cancel culture” on Jones.

Keep in mind that this is the same Jerry Jones who has yet to hire a Black head coach for “America’s team” and was initially against Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem in 2017.

His tone dramatically changed in an interview with 105.3 The Fan, “If our players are there, they are sensitive to and respect what America is as it relates to the flag. I’ll assure you that. I’d hope that our fans — and I think they will — understand that our players have issues that they need help on. They need help from the majority of America. And we want to be an agent of that.”

As for the picture, Jones said his being there while the white bullies kept the Black kids from entering the school was a “curious thing.”


Twitter Is Dragging The ESPN Analyst

As expected, Twitter, most specifically Black Twitter, is dragging the sport’s talking head by his remaining hairline for coming to the defense of Jones.

“Not you being a “pick me” for a man who is wilting like lettuce on a beach,” one Twitter user wrote. 

“Imagine being the family of or even being the black kids that were being harassed/attacked in that photo and hearing Stephen A. Smith’s black ass say this in defense of your harassers. Vile,” another tweet read.

Screaming Stephen is getting cooked. You can see more reactions in the gallery below.

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