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Candace Tells Shaq To "Take The Suprise Out of His Voice," Twitter Loved It

Source: Ian West – PA Images / Getty

It’s been a long time coming, but it looks like Shaq has met his met match. 

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal made a career out of bullying players on the NBA court, seamlessly transitioning that energy to the analyst arena. Every Thursday, we have come to expect O’Neal to flaunt what he calls “G-14 classification” to critique — most of the time unfairly and harshly — other NBA player’s game because he knows what it takes to win in the league.

Anyway, during the Monday edition of TNT’s insanely popular NBA telecast, Inside The NBA, Shaq saw himself get schooled by fellow co-host Candace Parker once again. She has already had flex on him, schooling him on how modern pick and roll basketball is played. 

Parker, who is legendary in these women’s basketball streets because she can throw it down if need be, viciously rejected Shaq’s notion that the league should lower the rim, allowing more WNBA players to dunk. Candace gave him the ultimate stink face while confidently saying her next child will be “drop step dunking.”

This brings us to this week’s edition of Candace Parker cooking Shaq like BBQ chicken. During Monday’s (Mar.22) show, O’Neal tried Parker again, and she let him know she’s not backing down. O’Neal questioned Parker’s defensive skills asking, “You were defensive player of the year?”

Parker wasn’t having it, telling him in response, “Take the surprise out your voice, Shaq,” easily giving her a quotable that will be remembered for a long time and that will probably haunt the retired Lakers big man when he joins his original Inside The NBA teammates Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley.

Like the previous instances of Parker taking Shaq to school on national television, Twitter absolutely enjoyed the moment because Saq is usually the one doing the bullying.

Now that the roles are reversed, social media says this something they love to see regularly.

Candace Parker definitely has a nice future in broadcasting when her WNBA career comes to an end, and she doesn’t only have to call WNBA games either. SHE KNOWS HER BASKETBALL.

You can peep the reactions to the Candace Parker doing something a lot of players have failed to do, and that is Shaq out the paint in the gallery below.

Photo: Ian West – PA Images / Getty




We love to see it. 


She’s not the one. 


A national treasure! 


Even Shaq’s former teammate had to laugh. 


She is giving us meme gold every time she reacts to Shaq.


Ours too.


Yes, and please.