Cassius Life Featured Video

1. T’Challa and Nakia

Come through as the warriors of Wakanda with these amazing costumes.

2. J.R. Smith and Lebron

Nobody wants to relive this tragedy at the 2018 NBA Finals…but it would make for a hilarious photo opp.

3. Cassius and Detroit

Start a movement and become the life of the party as this quirky couple from “Sorry to Bother You.”

4. Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande

Significant height difference between you and your girl? Put on a graphic tee with jeans and give her one of your oversized hoodie and y’all are good to go.

5. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

We stan a bi-racial royal couple! Cop a crown and become the duo behind the most talked about wedding of 2018.

6. Light Bulb and a Moth

This hilarious meme could make for a “brilliant” costume.

7. The Incredibles

We know your girl is a Disney fanatic. Get a Disney character costume you actually won’t mind wearing.

8. Deadpool and Domino

Looking for a more serious, but still sarcastic superhero duo? These two are the perfect fit for you.