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Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers

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With the NBA currently in the offseason, the hot takes are flying.

Teams from different eras are being compared, disgruntled players want unrealistic trades and players’ star status is being questioned.

Taylor Rooks recently used her show with Bleacher Report to jump in on a debate in her latest episode featuring Jayson Tatum. The conversation about what it means to be a superstar came up, and the two agreed that Kyrie Irving is in that coveted group.

However, the conversation gets interesting when the Boston Celtic asks Rooks if she’d considers Portland Trail Blazer frontman Damian Lilliard is a superstar.

“I think that Damian has all of the superstar qualities but its hard to put him in it at this moment because he just needs a little more,” explains Rook.”Obviously, he has that in him. He’s just gotta win, he’s gotta get there. To me that’s some of it.”

Tatum then asks if championships matter in determining if a player is a superstar, but that’s where the 40-second clip ends.

Twitter was immediately on fire and began comparing Irving to Lilliard. Irving’s lone championship came while he was teamed up with a prime LeBron James in 2016, and was unable to have a deep playoff run with the Brooklyn Nets this year despite having Kevin Durant by his side.

Lillard on the other hand han’t won any championships but constantly puts his entire team on his back and even made it to the Western Conference Finals in 2019. He’d get swept by the Warriors, but continued to fight for his team even while suffering from separated ribs.

See how Twitter’s reacting to the latest sports debate below: