Damian Lillard‘s time as a Portland Trail Blazer may finally be coming to an end. The team he’s called home since getting drafted with the sixth overall pick in 2012 may be forced to go in a different direction after the star requested a trade Saturday. The news was first reported by Senior NBA Insider […]

Damian Lillard has been with the Portland Trail Blazers for over a decade. But will he take his talents elsewhere? No one really knows. For the last several years, it’s been apparent that Portland’s not put together a championship-contending team around Dame. That leads to the team getting knocked out in the first or second […]

"That’s actually the first time in my career being tested after a game,” Lillard said.

"As long as I feel that our organization is putting their best foot forward and we're on the same page about doing everything that we can do to win, then I'm willing to go out swinging." Portland Blazer guard Damian Lillard on the "Dave Pasch Podcast"


Damian Lillard, Matt Barnes, and more react to Patrick Beverley running to ESPN to hate on Chris Paul publically.

These are the voices in the NBA that sports media should be amplifying from now on when it comes to athletes and the COVID-19 vaccine.


Damian Lillard has already shown that he has a real desire to be taken seriously as a rapper. He talked about this a couple of weeks ago on The Joe Budden Podcast. “People weren’t looking at it like he’s a real rapper,” Lillard said. “It was like, ‘That’s Shaq rapping.’ So, of course, it was […]


The NBA is the gift that keeps on giving. The Finals are over, yet and still, the NBA is still finding ways to dominate the headlines. This times it comes in the form of rap beef. Marvin Bagley was on First Take Thursday doing an interview when Max Kellerman mentioned his propensity for rap music. […]