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In the new trailer for The Equalizer 3, Denzel Washington‘s assassin Robert McCall is trying to lead a nice quiet life in a small town in Italy. But as these things go, when you’re a trained killer, somebody finds a way to disturb your peace.

A trail of bodies begins the trailer, but we’re not sure who’s done the deed at first. Then we hear McCall’s voiceover saying, “Nine seconds. That’s what I’ll give you to decide your fate.”

I’m sure that sounds like tough talk to the Italians with guns pointed at McCall’s head. But when you see a calm, perfectly composed man saying those kinds of things, you should probably believe him.

The trailer then cuts to scenes of a happy McCall strolling the local streets, telling a pretty young resident he once did “government work” but is now retired.

“Because of these people, I’m beginning to understand real peace,” he says. I just thought we’d note that nary a Black person is in sight…hmmm, subliminal message? But OK, he is in Italy.

“And I’m starting to believe…this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Now you know as soon as he said that, things went left. Somehow McCall has ended up in the middle of the Italian Mafia in the nice little town. First, explosions. Then, a guy tries him in a restaurant. And all McCall said was, “Whatever you and your friends do, do it somewhere else.”

Since this is the third Equalizer film that Washington and director Antoine Fuqua have teamed up for, you know what’s next; brutal violence, lots of Italian music and more violence.

Oh, and Dakota Fanning shows up. And while we don’t know her exact role, her appearance marks a reunion for the actors who first worked together in 2004’s Man on Fire.

As you may remember, in Man on Fire, Fanning played Pita Ramos, a little girl that Washington’s burned-out ex-CIA officer is hired to protect in Mexico. When she’s kidnapped, he goes on a mission to find her and punish those responsible.

Fanning was just 9 years old back then, and the film was met with mixed reviews, but it earned over $130 million, largely due to the chemistry between the two actors.

“I am just so excited to be here and to be a part of this film,” Fanning said at CinemaCon, where she and Washington introduced the trailer. “Getting to work with Denzel once is a dream come true, and twice is… I don’t even know. [I’m] so blessed to be a part of this and excited for you to see a sneak peek!”

Billed as the last chapter, The Equalizer 3 is scheduled to hit theaters Sept. 1. Watch the trailer below.