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Ella Balinska Is 'Resident Evil's New Stunning Zombie Killer

Source: Charley Gallay / Getty

Capcom’s mega-popular survival horror video game franchise, Resident Evil, has a new Netflix series, and we can’t get enough of its star Ella Balinska.

Ella Balinska Makes Killing Zombies Look Really Good

From the mind of Andrew Dabb (Supernatural), Netflix’s Resident Evil series puts a much-needed fresh spin on the video games film adaptations by turning it into a well-crafted 8-episode original series. Have you seen those movies? Especially the latest one? Nothing worth fawning over.

Anyway, 25-year-old actress Ella Balinska (Charlie’s Angels) plays a grown-up Jade Wesker. She is one of Albert Wesker’s twin daughters. The show splits its time between 2022 in New Raccoon City before the T-Virus wreaks havoc on the world and in 2036, where Balinska’s Jade is on a mission to find the cure for the virus.

Balinska is a 5’10 British bombshell who has appeared on both the big and small screen, and honestly, if she decided to walk away from Hollywood could easily make a career in modeling and killing runways. She is also the star of the upcoming video game Forspoken.

She was born in London, England, and, according to Elle Australia, splits her time between London, Los Angeles, where her mother, Lorraine Pascale, lives, and Ireland, where her dad, Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill lives.

Balinska gets him from her mama. Pascale is a s famous British chef and former model. She was the first Black British model to appear on the cover of ELLE US. Pascale was also one of the Bond girls in Robbie Williams’ “Millennium” video.

As for her father, Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill is a Polish musician. Balinska’s parents split in 2000.

The Fans Approve

Balinska is currently earning praise for her performance as Jade Wesker in Resident Evil. “Ella Balinska kicks so much ass,” one user tweeted about the show. 

Netflix’s Resident Evil is currently streaming right now. We hope the streaming giant does right by the show and gives it a second season. You can peep more photos of Balinska below.

Photo: Charley Gallay / Getty

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