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NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 11 SWAC Women's Tournament - Alabama State v Grambling State

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There are blowouts, and then there are blowouts.

It’s not uncommon for any sports fan to get saddled with an outlandish game that their team can’t recover from with just minutes left in the game.

But Tuesday night’s Grambling women’s basketball game against the College of Biblical Studies took embarrassing Ls to another level. The Lady Tigers not only came out on top but also bested the College of Biblical Studies 159-18.

Yeah, it was that bad.

It wasn’t promising from the get-go after Grambling immediately jumped out to a 34-0 run. Biblical Studies wouldn’t drop their first buckets until almost two minutes were left in the first quarter. They’d score two more points before the quarter ended.

Things didn’t improve in the second quarter, as it started with the Lady Tigers scoring the first 12 points, which led to an astonishing 82-10 box score at the half, which was a hole the College of Biblical Studies couldn’t dig their way out of.

The second half was more of the same, with the Lady Tigers’ defense putting on a masterclass, allowing only 3 points in the third quarter and five more in the fourth.

The College of Biblical Studies, a Division II college based in Houston, finished the game, committing 57 turnovers, more than the 43 shot attempts they put up.

That’s not the only insane stat from the game, but the game also crowned the school with a record that no one wants: the all-time record for margin of victory in women’s college basketball with 141 points.

The record was previously held by Wesleyan (Georgia), who defeated Savanah State 155-26 in 2018.

CBS’ performance could be attributed to its novice team; after all, according to the Charlotte Observer, it is the school’s first full basketball season and has suffered other blowouts, including against several HBCUs like 94-22 against Xavier and 106-19 against Huston-Tillotson University.

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