NBA Twitter Reacts To The Thunder Losing By 73 Points

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The OKC Thunder were run out of the gym last night by the Memphis Grizzlies.

There was a murder at the FedExForum in Memphis, Tennessee, Thursday night (Dec.2), and 13,103 fans were on hand to witness it go down.  Without their all-star Ja Morant, the Memphis Grizzlies embarrassed the OKC Thunder, defeating them 152-79, a 73 point route, obliterating the previous NBA record. When it was all said and done, the Grizzlies only used 12 players, and 9 of them reached double figures in scoring, with Jaren Jackson Jr. leading with 27 points.

The game was already decided when Grizzlies head coach Taylor Jenkins decided it was time to clear his bench and signaling it was garbage time. Thunder coach Mark Daigneault spoke about his team’s embarrassing performance following the game.

“Tonight is not necessarily who we are,” Daigneault said. “I think we’ve definitely shown that from a competitive standpoint. This isn’t indicative of who our team is.” By halftime, it was 72-36, and the beating only got worse, with the lead ballooning to 78, the largest lead in a game since at least 1996-97. They easily eclipsed Cleveland Cavaliers’ 68-point win over the Miami Heat in 1991.

OKC Thunders’ Mike Muscala tried to make sense of what happened went down in the FedExForum. “I think there was some slippage defensively, and I think before you know it, teams are in a rhythm, and the game is out of hand,” Muscala said. “We didn’t fight, obviously. You’d rather go out fighting. You would rather go out putting your best foot forward and playing together.”

This isn’t the first time the Thunder was on the receiving end of a ridiculous blowout. Last season, they flirted with history, trailing the Indiana Pacers by 67 points on May 1 and wound losing by only 57 points, 152-95.

NBA Twitter was astounded to see a professional basketball team get their butts handed to them in such a manner.

You can always count on social media to add hilarity to the situation. In the gallery below, you can peep more reactions to the Grizzlies getting their butts whooped by 73 points.

Photo: G Fiume / Getty


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