Since Ja Morant’s punishment was handed down in June following the NBA Finals, no one has spoken out until now. Ja’s kept to himself and stayed out of the way, but now his father Tee has broken his silence on his son’s gun incidents and the importance of being surrounded by positive influences. The NBA […]

Ja Morant may have escaped serious punishment from the NBA, but the fallout continues from the fight at his house last year. The star’s close friend, Davonte Pack, was at the Morant residence in 2022 when an altercation arose with 17-year-old Joshua Holloway while playing a pickup game of basketball. Now, 24-year-old Pack has been […]

The 2023 NBA draft hasn’t happened yet, but groundbreaking trades are being completed.  One of the teams poised to make the Finals this year was the Boston Celtics, but the squad couldn’t make it past the Eastern Conference Finals and has decided to make some significant changes. As part of a 3-trade deal, the Celtics […]

Adam Silver and the NBA have finally come to a decision on Ja Morant after he flashed another gun during a friend’s Instagram Live and suspended him for 25 games. But did he dodge another serious bullet?  That all depends on how you look at the situation. Adam Silver and the NBA made good on […]

Sports fans have been waiting to see Ja Morant’s punishment for flashing a gun on Instagram for the second time, and they’ve finally got an update. He’s still removed from all team activities by the Memphis Grizzles, but Commissioner Adam Silver made it clear during the pre-NBA Finals news conference that a heavier suspension is en […]

Ja Morant’s finally going to take a much-needed break from social media.

Ja Morant just can’t stop incriminating himself on Instagram Live. The Memphis Grizzlies star was sitting in the driver’s seat of a car while blasting NBA YoungBoy. His friend was sitting in the passenger’s seat on Instagram Live, and when he panned over to show Morant having a good time, the baller appeared to have […]


Dillon Brooks’ “Dillon the Villian” era might not be over, but his time in Memphis likely is. NBA insider for The Athletic, Shams Charania, broke the news that there’s basically no chance in hell that Brooks will still be a member of the Memphis Grizzlies come the beginning of the 2023-24 season. “The Memphis Grizzlies […]

The Los Angeles Lakers proved they could beat the odds by taking down the Memphis Grizzlies. The Ja Morant-led squad was the second seed leading into the postseason, but having LeBron James in the playoffs continues to be a cheat code. James and the team went into the game 3-2 with a home game and […]

The Memphis Grizzlies’ path through the NBA playoffs won’t be as easy as they thought. Fronted by Ja Morant, the squad was able to nab the second seed in the West, but going against LeBron James in the first round will always be a hard-fought battle. The Lakers are proving that point as they’re up […]


Morant's ready to speak his peace and says the 17-year-old, named Joshua Holloway, is lying about the July 2022 incident.