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Rojean Kar

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Travis Scott recently arrived at undisclosed settlements with the families two people who died in last year’s Astroworld tragedy. But Cactus Jack now has a new problem on his hands. The 31-year-old rapper, born Jacques Bermon Webster II, is fighting to squash rumors that he was stepping out on longtime partner Kylie Jenner. And to make matters worse, Scott’s alleged sneaky link is his ex-girlfriend Rojean Kar, the woman he supposedly left for Jenner in the first place!

Last week, some people eyed Scott and Kar spending time together on a music video set. And Kar posted a video of herself to her Instagram Stories — with her ex in the background. So Scott quickly went on his own IG Stories, too, and appeared to be addressing the 27-year-old without naming anyone directly.

“An uninvited person was sneaking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set while I was directing a video,” he wrote. “I don’t know this person. I’ve never been with this person. So please stop with the continuous cyber games and the fictional story telling.” The denial didn’t sit well with Kar, though. So she hopped back on her IG as well to call Scott out.

“You’re not going to lie on me because I’ve been good,” the social media influencer said in a video. “I’ve posted whatever f-cking story you guys wanted me to post. I pretended I did not know you. Went along with whatever fucking narrative you guys wanted me to. No matter how much bullshit I got from it.”

“What we’re not gonna do is we’re not gonna lie on me… To say you don’t know me and you’ve never been with me when you’ve definitely been with me, when everybody’s seen you with me, when I have pictures and videos of you with me?” Kar added. “Come on. Come on, sir.”

But Rojean Kar then went one step further and hinted that Scott was traipsing around behind Jenner’s back with more than just her. “You cheat on that ***** every single f***ing night,” she continued. “The whole f***ing city sees it! Don’t do this.”

Neither Jenner nor Kar have openly named each other, but fans of the Kardashian-Jenner clan think the two women have been subliminally shading each other for some time now. Earlier this month, Rojean uploaded a photo of herself in a sheer red dress to IG. The post was captioned as follows: “Tell her to be me for halloween since she wants you to love her so bad 🙂,” and some believed it was a subliminal diss.

The two parties are still going back and forth and its still unclear what the truth is. In the meantime, we gathered up some of the hottest pictures from Rojean Kar’s Instagram. Check them out below.

1. Devil in a red dress

2. You see the material

3. bikini body

4. only wear Burberry to swim

5. mirror pose

6. Blurry pics

7. Its heavy

8. beach is better…

9. Keeping it pink

10. Barely there

11. lunch time


13. All Smiles