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Twitter Super Thirsty After Nude Photos of Jesse Williams Were Leaked

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The ladies and fellas agree that Jesse Williams’ play is the hottest ticket on Broadway after a video featuring the actor bucket naked in the nude appeared on Twitter timelines. 

The former Grey’s Anatomy alum is currently the star of Take Me Out, the Broadway play where he plays a gay baseball star who comes out and is met with resentment from his teammates and tons of media attention. In one part of the play, a shower scene features Williams and other team members fully exposed.

Fresh off the news that he was nominated for a Tony Award for his performance in the play, photos and videos of Williams and his manhood hit Twitter timelines, and thirst was evident. Now, we are not going to share those images on the site, but if you search the actor’s name, we are sure you will be able to see the leaked material that has women and some men considering buying a ticket to the play.

Per the Huffington Post, Second Stage’s Hayes Theater has been enforcing a strict no-phone policy during shows requiring audience members to lock their phones in cases. They can hold onto those cases, but apparently, someone managed to circumvent the safeguard to record the magic moment and share it with the world.

Williams has expressed how terrified he was to hit the stage in the nude. Based on the reactions he is currently getting, he has nothing to be ashamed about.

Ironically, as the images leaked, an episode of Watch What Happens Live aired with Williams downplaying his nude Broadway debut. “Everybody makes such a big deal,” he said to host Andy Cohen. “It’s a body … whatever.”

Cohen followed up by asking if it was “better if you feel good about your penis?” Williams responded, “I imagine so, I don’t,” immediately clarifying he was joking.

This leak might work in the play’s favor. You know that they say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. You can peep more thirsty reactions to William’s manhood in the gallery below.

Photo: NBC / Getty

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