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John Legend Hosts Fireside Chat At The Voices Of Beauty Summit

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Years after initially calling out Donald Trump, John Legend is back to criticize the former president again.

The Chicago-born singer sat with MSNBC‘s Jen Psaki on Sunday to discuss the 2024 election, and he was once again brutally honest about his feelings toward Trump.

“He is a tried and true, dyed-in-the-wool racist,” Legend told Psaki. “He has made it clear throughout his life that he believes Black people are inferior… Like, he believes that, to his core, in his bones.”

If that wasn’t clear enough, Legend reassures us that he will be supporting Joe Biden in the upcoming election before continuing to lay into Trump’s relationship with the Black community.

He takes aim at Trump’s claim that he’s done so much for the Black community and how voters of color love him. To refute that, Legend recalls the time Trump wouldn’t let Black people rent units in any of the buildings he owns.

According to Politico, the FBI released a report backing that up as part of a race discrimination probe from the 1970s.

“He wouldn’t let us live in his buildings back in the day. … When we protested the killing of George Floyd, he was advocating for the military to shoot us in the streets,” Legend said. “I don’t want to hear what [Trump] has to say about what he’s done for Black people. He’s done very little for us.”

He previously critiqued Trump while performing a medley of songs at a Biden-Harris rally in 2020.

Using his time on stage, he urged the crowd not to “see the meanness, the bullying, the selfishness of Donald Trump” as strength and took aim at some rappers in the “Sunken Place” who have chosen to support him, adding that “Trump’s platinum plan for Black folks is nothing but fool’s gold.”

See how social media is reacting to Legend’s latest lambasting of Trump below.