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Twitter Roasts Justin Bieber's Oversized Balenciaga Suit

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After having its wig pushed back due to rona, the 64th Grammy Awards have finally arrived, and the fits were interesting, to say the least. Justin Bieber came into the night with eight nominations and left the award show empty-handed, but Twitter awarded him the title of worst-dressed, so the night wasn’t a total loss for him.

Bieber showed up to the award show taking place in Las Vegas looking like a child playing dress-up in their dad’s classic rocking an oversized Balenciaga suit complimented with some “Frankenstein” Crocs. It’s was the true definition of bum chic if you ask us and he looked a hot a** mess.

64th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

Source: Frazer Harrison / Getty

Twitter immediately began clowning the “Peaches” singer for his atrocious fit. One Twitter user asked, “Why did Justin Bieber wear Shaq’s suit to the Grammys?” A fair question because that’s exactly what he looked like he was trying to convey when he hit the red carpet. 

“Justin Bieber looks like me trying on suits at Men’s Wearhouse before the tailor happens,” another Twitter user hilariously quipped. 

“U cannot tell me that Justin Bieber is not actually two kids in a suit right here,” read another tweet. 

Oof, we hope Bieber is avoiding Twitter cause it’s rough out there, but then again he probably doesn’t care because he put on the outfit. Regardless, this is a bad fit, and a trend we hope celebrities stay far away from. We ditched the baggy suit era a long time ago and it doesn’t need to come back. Also, Crocs being paired with suits are never a good look, hell, Crocs at functions at like The Grammys or the Academy Awards are just awful.

The Met Gala is up next, so you already know the fits are going to be off the wall, we shall see if this baggy suit thing continues. Until then you can peep more hilarious reactions to Bieber’s Grammys fit in the gallery below.

Photo: Johnny Nunez / Getty

1. Howling

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3. Great use of The Goonies meme


5. Tears