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Shannon Sharpe‘s Club Shay Shay has quickly become a lauded part of the culture for allowing celebrities to be unfiltered, funny, and wax poetic about their feelings.

And Kel Mitchell is the latest guest to sit across from the NFL Hall Of Famer and keep it real.

Throughout a two-hour-plus conversation, the two spoke about his time on Nickelodeon and the longtime friend he gained from the network he gained in Kenan Thompson.

But it turns out the Kenan & Kel duo didn’t keep in touch once the show’s four-year run ended in 2000. Kel chalks it up to them being two young adults trying to find their way in the industry.

“When people watch us on television, they’re thinking like ‘Oh, this is brothers… they hang out all the time,’ but this is a job,” Mitchell said. “When it ended, we were adults… You got to kind of look at us being adults and navigating our own things throughout life, and we hadn’t talked in a long time.”

Three years later, they finally reconnected when they both auditioned for Saturday Night Live, with the part ultimately going to Thompson—where he still works and has been the longest-tenured cast member in the show’s history.

“When Saturday Night Live came along, I was going through probably the worst time of my life,” Mitchell said. “[When] we go to audition, I didn’t know Keenan was going to be there.”

Mitchell didn’t feel annoyed that Thompson got the role over him, but he didn’t relish rekindling the friendship because he was too busy trying to find a steady gig.

It wasn’t until years later, when both spoke on the 2015 Nickelodeon series Game Shakers, that they reconnected and talked for over an hour on the phone. They learned the slight rift may have been caused by Kenan & Kel producers trying to tear them apart.

They’d signed a three-picture deal with Paramount, and although Good Burger was the only film to come out of it, Mitchell remembers being in meetings where the studio would push for him to star in certain movies without Thompson by his side.

Another honest moment in Mitchell’s appearance on Club Shay Shay came when he revealed that his wife, who’d gotten a previous abortion, revealed that the child wasn’t his, and the same thing happened again years later.

You are already married within the lie,” he said. ” Like a goofy, still stayed around. We were trying to make it work for the kids.”

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