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When King Harris, son of celeb couple T.I. and Tiny Harris, is trending on social media, it’s rarely because of anything non-embarrassing. Whether it’s a viral mugshot or a viral video of the 19-year-old threatening to fight Waffle House employees (which real ones know is an ill-advised thing to do), King appears to be more interested in portraying himself as a jester than as royalty.

Also, King appears to have reimagined himself as a gangster type who did not grow up rich AF.

From Complex:

On Sunday afternoon, the family were on site at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the football game between the Atlanta Falcons against the New Orleans Saints. Both King and Tiny had shared posts to their Instagram Stories from the field documenting their experiences before things took an unexpected turn.

During an Instagram Live, King, 19, is seen getting into a shouting match, presumably with his parents. Although it’s not clear what caused the fight, King is heard repeatedly saying, “You cappin’, n***a … I know you though.”

An unknown person is seen shoving King who then shouts, “What’s wrong with y’all? Why ya’ll doing that to me? Y’all know me, you know I stand on business. Why would you let someone play with me like that?”

But the pivotal part of the back and forth came when King appeared ungrateful for growing up with a “silver spoon” in his mouth, to which his parents essentially told him he should have just sat there and eaten his Grey Poupon.

“King, have you ever woke up with a roach on your face,” T.I. asked his son. “Alright then! You don’t know what you talking ’bout.” King responded by claiming he’s in the streets while also indicating that he doesn’t really understand the “silver spoon” idiom.

“Do y’all wanna go to the bando in my neighborhood,” he asked before accusing his father of lying about his street cred (or lack thereof).

“To make him look better, he say sh-t that he know not true,” King said of the notion that he’s a sheltered rich kid. “Silver spoon? I ain’t never ate with that a day in my life.” (Again, it’s… it’s not a literal spoon made from silver.)

Then King’s parents did what Black parents will often do to publicly unappreciative children: embarrass them as publicly as they tried to embarrass their parents.

King’s parents pointed out his childish habits, which, apparently, include that he “cried like a baby” to be with his grandmother and would “hold [his] breath and throw tantrums” to get his way. Tiny also revealed that King’s grandmother would allow him to “suck a pacifier until he was 12 years old.” King didn’t deny it but said there’s more to the story.

“They ain’t gonna tell you everything. They trying to hide it, sugarcoat it,” he said. “He [T.I.] capping. He know I stand on business, he know that. Ain’t no n-gga ever pull my card ever in life, I stand on business. You drop me in your hood, I stand on business. You wanna hide it for the world, I’m a put it out there for them to see. You ain’t have me put up nowhere, n-gga. You ain’t have me behind a mansion; I was outside doing what I wanted to do.”

It was around that time that T.I. felt compelled to give his son the chokehold treatment Melvin gave Jody in Baby Boy.

“You are embarrassing yourself and your family!” T.I. said. “Boy, you can’t do nothing with me! Ain’t sh*t you can do with me!”

Anyway, folks on X, formerly known as Twitter,  mostly stood with King’s parents and mocked his wannabe-hood-so-bad ways. See some of the best responses below.