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It isn’t clear exactly what the nature of the relationship is between Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and Republican billionaire donor and alleged Nazi memorabilia collecter Harland Crow, but it is clear that real-life Uncle Ruckus of the highest court in the land has been beyond neglectful in his legal obligation to disclose the millions […]

It’s no secret that Sean “Diddy” Combs has become the epitome of a celebrity-turned-social pariah ever since the disturbing video that shows him viciously attacking his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura was released to the public leaving no doubt that he is the abuser he has been accused of being. And now that the Bad Boy mogul […]

Sean “Diddy” Combs‘ entire world, which was already sinking fast, crashed down around him when a video that unmistakably shows him viciously attacking his ex-girlfriend Cassie Ventura was released for the public to see. Well, Diddy has now released a video of his own featuring his mea culpa to said public where he issues a so-called […]


Somehow, despite being a supposed billionaire from a wealthy family, Donald Trump has convinced the MAGA world that he is a man of the people—the common folk. (Although, to be fair, it’s probably the overt racism, xenophobia and white grievance pandering that put Trump over the top.) But Trump’s first presidency was largely viewed as […]


Last Friday, disgraced R&B icon R. Kelly lost an appeal after a federal appeals court upheld his 20-year sentence, which he received in 2022 after he was convicted of three charges of producing child sexual abuse images and three charges of enticement of minors for sex, according to the Associated Press. Attorneys for Kell, born […]

There are certain celebs who just aren’t doing an adequate job of reading the room in regard to the increasing controversy and turmoil surrounding deeply embattled music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. Last week, in response to news of Diddy’s numerous rape and sex trafficking allegations, Tyrese felt it was absolutely necessary to express his support and […]


NFL quarterback Dak Prescott claims a woman is threatening him with the public exposure of a sexual assault that never happened. He said the woman in question is attempting to extort him for $100 million, which she requires him to pay out or else she’ll end his career with false allegations that will destroy his […]

Actor and comedian Jamie Foxx is headed back to the game show circuit late this spring along with his daughter, Corinne Foxx, who will be joining her father on his return to Beat Shazam, Fox‘s interactive game show for music lovers and casual listeners alike. According to Deadline, Foxx, the show’s executive producer, will return […]

At this point, Ray J and Princess Love must be shooting for the world record for most divorce attempts. The actress and “One Wish” singer have effectively divorced and un-divorced so many times it’s probably hard for even their most diehard fans to keep up. Well, on Monday, Love indicated that the love has been […]

A renowned freelance journalist has been indicted by federal prosecutors who have accused him of accessing unbroadcast video footage from Fox News and other media outlets by illegal means. In fact, one of the main pundits the freelancer is accused of exposing is none other than former Fox News host and semi-professional white nationalist pontificator […]


As if Donald Trump’s new sneaker line and the MAGA minions who are lining up to buy them haven’t gotten roasted hard enough, it turns out customers who placed orders for the ugliest pair of “Air Treasons” imaginable might not receive them for months, according to the fine print in the company’s official Trump Sneaker […]

If I was a PR person and there was one piece of advice I could give high-profile celebrities embroiled in a public scandal it’s this: Y’all have got to stop hiring the same lawyers who famously represented the most despicable people in the world. Sean “Diddy” Combs is currently facing a lawsuit filed by a woman […]