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Congratulations are in order for LaKeith Stanfield.

The actor revealed that he’s not only married to model Kasmere Trice Stanfield but they also had a child together.

In a story exclusive to PEOPLE, Stanfield explains how much having a child has altered his life.

“There’s life before being a parent, and then there’s life being a parent. It completely changes,” says LaKeith, who already has two young daughters from previous relationships.

For Kasmere, however, this is her first time becoming a mom but she got a peek at who he is as a father with his two eldest.

“I’m really honored that I got to see the father in [him] before I was even having our baby,” she says.

The two met while LaKeith was filming for work in Canada, and their infatuation with each other was somewhat of a manifestation, though he initially hesitated.

“As love does, it just smacked us out of nowhere. I’m working on my music, writing and writing, and then this person who I was seemingly writing about pops up in my life. It was strange,” he said. “I released myself to the love.”

Stanfield keeps his private life under wraps so no one knew about his relationship status, but in the rare moment of sharing, he explained that he proposed to Kasmere while the two were on vacation in December.

The 31-year-old explained the bittersweet aspect of fame but wanted to own his family’s narrative and hopes to inspire others.

“Being in the public eye can be something that’s amazing, but it can also be something that is very hard on you,” the Atlanta actor said. “There needs to be things that exist that are sacred and not for consumption for everybody.”

Twitter saluted his new family. See the reactions below.