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Mrs. Pippen was on the tip of social media’s tongue this week after she took a moment to stand up for her hubby.

In case you missed it, Scottie’s NBA earnings became the focus of the most recent episode of The Last Dance, at which point Larsa took it upon herself to set the record straight — Scottie Pippen made a hell of a lot of money throughout his career and he actually made more than Michael Jordan. We can admire a woman who takes up for her man and we can also admire a woman who looks as good as Larsa does. At almost 50, she’s giving everybody in her path a run for their money.

Not to mention, she seems to be a great mom and she makes her own bank as reality star, entrepreneur, and model. To show some love, we gathered 16 of her steamiest Instagram pics — she loves to flaunt her assets in a bikini, form-fitting dress, or even at the gym as you can see in the clip above.

Keep scrolling for more from Larsa. Trust and believe, you will thank us later.

1. Vibing at Coachella.

2. Standing tall and showing out.

3. A closer look.

4. Larsa spotted in her happy place.

5. Baddie baking in blue.

6. Hanging out in bed.

7. She knows her angles.

8. What a babe.

9. And what a sight.

10. Swimming with the sharks.

11. Looking great in Dubai.

12. Everything done.

13. Good morning to you, too.

14. All white everything.

15. We love to watch her kick back and relax.

16. Love ya, Larsa.