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Twitter Reacts To Highlight Reel of LeBron James Schooling Paul Pierce

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

A highlight reel of LeBron James going ham on Paul Pierce has NBA Twitter clowning the retired Boston Celtics star…again.

Don’t get it twisted. NBA champion and Hall of Famer Paul Pierce was “The Truth” during his playing days. That is something you can’t take away from him. BUT, it’s always been long speculated that Pierce was and is honestly a LeBron James hater with him hinting at that to be the case during his time as NBA analyst on ESPN before he got canned for partying with strippers on Instagram live.

Now, a highlight reel from a LeBron James Twitter fan account broken up into parts featuring many instances of Bron making life a living hell for Pierce on the basketball court throughout their careers have many saying this is why Pierce hates James.

Pierce is not alone either. Another video featuring Pierce’s teammate Kevin Garnett showing the many times James was a thorn in his side has also gone viral.

But it’s Pierce who is catching all of the hell from #NBATwitter right now. One user was quick to bring up when Pierce’s from NBA on ESPN cohost Jalen Rose roasted him on national television by comparing the former Celtic’s career accomplishments to Dwyane Wade’s stellar career.

Now, of course, Pierce did have some moments against LeBron James, and one Twitter user quickly pointed out.

While Pierce is currently chilling at home, LeBron James (37) is making critics saying he washed eat crow, literally carrying the Lakers on his broad shoulders in his 19th year in the league. James is currently averaging 28.6 PTS, 8 REB, and 6.5 AST per game.

Meanwhile, Pierce might want to stay off Twitter for a few days. You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Boston Globe / Getty

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5. No wonder Paul Pierce hates this man.

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