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LeBron James Catches Flack On Twitter For Sharing COVID-19 Meme On IG

Source: Harry How / Getty

Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James rarely puts his foot in the mouth on social media, but it happened on Saturday (Dec.24).

James, who is very vocal on social media, caught some flack when he shared a controversial COVID-19 meme on Instagram. The post in question featured the iconic “Spider-Man- point at Spider-Man,” pointing at each other, claiming that there is little to no distinction between COVID-19, the common cold, and flu. In the caption for the post, he wrote, “help me out folks.”

James’ team is currently down a few players and a head coach after they entered the league’s health and safety protocols, joining the still-growing list of NBA players catching the now dominant and highly contagious Omicron COVID-19 variant. James himself has been skeptical of the league’s handling of positive COVID-19 cases among players since he had a scare where he had a false positive. 

While plenty of people agreed with him, like fellow hooper Trae Young, also currently sidelined due to COVID-19 in the comment section, James caught a lot of flack on social media for sharing the distasteful meme. One Twitter user directly called out James in a tweet, writing, “For someone that’s worked with covid patients and others that have lost a loved one to covid, this is such a stupid thing to see. Just shut up for once @KingJames.”

She has a point.

You can peep more reactions to LeBron James Instagram post in the gallery below.

Photo: Harry How / Getty


Not happening, but this is definitely misinformation and should be flagged. 




When this guy retweets you, you’re definitely in the wrong. 


Spooky times.