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Today is Molly Qerim’s birthday and we couldn’t let it go by without celebrating.

The famed sports anchor, First Take moderator, and wife to former NBA player Jalen Rose turns 36 years old today and she couldn’t be more beautiful or accomplished. In case you weren’t aware, Molly’s got her BA in communications with a minor in business administration, her master’s in broadcast journalism, was an anchor and reporter for CBS, has hosted several shows (Full Court Press, the World MMA Awards, ESPN’s College Football Live, and more), and has covered several Super Bowls. The list goes on.

We love that Molly’s not above letting folks know she worked hard to get where she is.

“Obviously, I’m a female in sports. You work really hard, you prep really hard, you put a lot into the show, so when you have certain comments, and people are saying, ‘Oh you add nothing,’ or, ‘You got your job because of this.’ Really? Why don’t you look at my master’s degree?,” she’s quoted as saying.

As far as how she got into sports, she also revealed, “I grew up with sports, but I was definitely not good enough to become a professional athlete – I just loved the storytelling aspect of it.”

And in regards to those good genes, you couldn’t guess her secret weapon if your life depended on it… “I’m half Italian, and on my mom’s side, they’ve aged amazingly, and all they’ve put on their faces is olive oil,” she says.

We’ve got love and admiration for Molly, who by the way struggles with severe endometriosis — but still wakes up and chases her dreams. Check out the photos below and join us in wishing her the absolute best in love, life, and health.

1. Molly shares a selfie on Ash Wednesday.

2. Molly looking gorgeous on Valentine’s Day.

3. Molly on the job looking beautiful in bright colors.

4. Hunting season!

5. Fire… even in a casual ‘fit.

6. Sweet as can be.

7. Hanging out with hubby!

8. Say cheese!

9. Woah, the beauty.

10. We love to see her smile.

11. But mean muggin’ is great too.

12. She is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Jalen is a lucky man!

13. She gets it in.

14. You’ve got to love her. Happy Birthday one mo’ ‘gain Molly!