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Twitter Salutes Ms. Fitz For Hitting Clutch Full-Court Shot For Her Kids

Source: G Fiume / Getty

Ms. Fitz came through in the clutch for her students. 

Reason 999,999,999 teachers are the best. Kathleen Fitzpatrick, a former Rutgers University hooper turned 3rd-grade teacher became the internet’s biggest hero. Ms. Fitz, as she is now affectionately known by her students, promised the kids hot chocolate if she made a full-court shot on the playground.

We’re not sure if the kids knew their teacher was a skilled baller, but their chances of getting a cup of delicious hot chocolate were already high. Like the pro she is, Ms. Fitz lined up the shot and nailed it, nothing but net, a shot that the NBA’s greatest shooter, Steph Curry, would appreciate. As expected, the kids all swarmed Ms. Fitz as she hit the shot, and it looked like they had just won the NBA championship. Well, in their young minds, they did.

Fitzpatrick, who is also WNBA superstar Elena Delle Donne’s best friend, was cheered on by her class and the internet. Former NBA hooper and now everyone’s favorite Twitter user Rex Chapman shared a quote retweet of the video and wrote in the caption, “Teachers deserve a bazillion dollars a year. Also, Ms. Fitz has crazy range.”

Rex Chapman told not one lie in that tweet.

Another Twitter user wrote, “Teachers are the best of us,” and we couldn’t agree more, especially during these trying times.

Salute to Ms.Fitz for supplying us with the timeline cleanse we needed. You can see more reactions to her hitting the biggest shot of her career in the gallery below.

Photo: G Fiume / Getty




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